In Pittsburgh There are many intruders to your home that you could possibly meet. Of these , some of the most hazardous are rodents. This is because rodents are believed to carry a range of hazardous diseases that could endanger the safety and health of your family and yourself. In addition, rodents may cause significant property damage to your home if they are allowed to enter. So, it’s important for you to be aware of effective solutions to control rodents that you can trust in the event that your Pittsburgh home be infested by rodents that are not wanted.

Identifying Common Area Rodents

While there are many rodent species in the world and in Pittsburgh there are only to worry about tworodents and micebecause these are among the prevalent rodents that invade homes in the region. However, you’ll never have either living in your house at any given moment, since they virtually never infest each other.

Rats, which are the bigger of both, can reach nine inches long . They generally are brown, gray or black in their color. In addition, they possess big ears and long tails that are void of fur.

Mice are, however they only reach just a few inches long. They’re usually brown or dust gray , with bellies of a cream color. Like rodents, the tails as well as their ears have been covered with felted-like fur.

Like rodents, rats and mice possess large front incisors which grow continuously over the course of their lives. So, to prevent their teeth from getting too big rodents and mice typically need to chew on various objects and materials.

Threats Posed By Rodent Infestations

There are many reasons to be concerned should your house become filled with rodents. In the first place, rodents are acknowledged to be carriers of a variety of dangerous illnesses. They can also cause harm to the surfaces of your house with dangerous bacteria and human pathogens by urination, feces and saliva. The diseases rodents have been found to transmit include hantavirus LCM and plague, as well as salmonellosis and tularemia. They also carry the rat-bite fever.

Apart from spreading infectious diseases rodents are also able to cause damage of all kinds to houses. It is due to their incessant chewing on things. Rodents are known to chew wires, pipes as well as drywall, siding furniture, clothing and almost anything else they can bite to their mouths on.

Rodents may also bring parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites to your home. Each parasite has its own unique threat, which makes your pest issues worse.

The Downside To DIY Rodent Control

Most of the time, when people confronted with rodent issues it is their choice to tackle the problem on their own. Most of the time it is using traps that are traditional. But, traps aren’t efficient in eradicating all infestations. The rodents will not only actively avoid traps however, even if you only catch just one or two typically, they don’t cause much change in the entire number of rodents. However, this could mean greater exposure to rodents as well as all the potential dangers they pose.

Effective Rodent Control For Your Home

Since the majority of DIY rodent control products can’t be relied upon to efficiently eliminate an infestation, it’s important to know which rodent control options that you can trust when your house is overrun by rodents. This is where we can help. At Pittsburgh Pest Control, we provide a range of commercial and residential pest control treatments to meet your specific needs. No matter if it’s a one-time service or an ongoing service we make your satisfaction our main goal. Do not let rodents invade your house and endanger the safety and health that your household members. Call us now!

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