Pest problems can be so difficult to eliminate and manage, there’s simply no substitute for quick professional, effective solutions. Bed bugs belong to this category, and blood sucking parasites aren’t just disgusting, they’re much more prevalent than you think.

Bed Bugs Cause Panic

Everyone is aware that bed bugs bite humans. It’s a fact repeated repeatedly and people are prone to view the issue in abstract terms until they encounter the dreadful sight of bed bugs. When anxiety sets in and people trying to avoid the health hazards of these small pests will attempt anything and everything that could provide instant relief. The issue is that bed bugs are adept at hiding and digging up areas around businesses and homes. While you’re focusing on the bugs that are in your mattress, eggs that are buried elsewhere will hatch and multiply the pests you were able to eliminate. At the point when people realize DIY strategies aren’t working, they’ve wasted valuable time and money that could have been used for getting help from a professional.

Bed Bugs: Right & Wrong

If you’re still not convinced there are certain methods we can recommend that reveal where at-home bed bug treatment often goes wrong. The internet and the folk remedies can assure you that a lot of non-proven methods are inexpensive and effective, however reality is not so simple. Although there are methods for prevention that you can employ to lower the risk of getting infestations by bedbugs, well-maintained houses can be affected by an infestation. There are some things to be aware of and some things you can start by yourself however the only real guarantee comes from experts.


  • The heat is a common method of destroying their mattresses with hairdryers or other source of heat to cook the bed bugs away. It’s not just unproductive however, the local fire department may advise against doing it.
  • Vinegar: While vinegar may protect against certain insects that are repellent by its smell, it also attracts other insects. It has nothing to do with bed bugs. be concerned with bed bugs who are just seeking blood to take in and don’t mind about what scents are around them.
  • Baking soda: The concept is that by spraying this on areas that are contaminated it will kill or repel bed bugs. However, it will only make them look for that is not infested and isn’t going to help in removing the eggs of bed bugs.


  • The smartest purchase Second-hand or used items may be contaminated by eggs or bed bugs, such as furniture and other cloth-lined objects.
  • Hotspots: If you’re traveling or in transit hubs, hotels and hospitals, or any other public spaces it is essential to examine your clothes and yourself for bed bugs prior to you let them ride back to your home.
  • Inspections by a professional are able to detect an infestation of bed bugs before it becomes beyond control. Regular inspections can also alert you to areas of concern within your house that attract other bugs.

The Best Approach From Pittsburgh Pest Control

The reason professional guidance is required is because bed bugs may make their way back to your home from a variety of locations and they can be found in a variety of locations you would not be aware of. Pittsburgh Pest Control’s comprehensive service is Pittsburgh Pest Control is successful due to these easy steps:

  • Inspection: Our specialists will immediately begin with a thorough and comprehensive investigation of your house and the potential for pest infestations.
  • Initial treatment: If bed bugs are an issue whether or not. We’ll customize tested and safe treatments for your property, which will be administered by certified technicians.
  • Customized Follow-up: Once we’ve gained more knowledge about your house and the people who live there We’ll be checking back frequently to ensure that pests remain away.

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Bedbugs are common permanent pests. To ensure your home is safe, partner with the experts with Pittsburgh Pest Control. Our efficient treatments and proven prevention are the only way to eliminate bed bugs. Relax and relax when you call Pittsburgh Pest Control today.

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