Blister Beetles are prevalent throughout in the United States and in some regions of Canada. They secrete a blistering substance known as cantharidin that causes blistering of the skin. There are numerous kinds of blistering beetles in the family of beetles that blister and all of them have distinct characteristics, although their body shapes remain the same. They usually are either gray or black however they can include other colors like yellow, blue, green and even metallic. They are small and thin with heads that are round. They are not only hazardous to touch, even if they’ve been crushed, but they can also be risky for animals to eat. For instance, if horses eat one or two that is within hay, they can cause severe illness, and occasionally death.

Where Exactly Are Blister Beetles Found?

Blister beetles are particularly common throughout their range of habitats, which includes the East Coast, The Midwest and in various regions in the Southwest. They are typically located near crops, which makes them widespread within Pittsburgh PA and other areas located near the Pittsburgh metropolitan region. The crops they tend to be found around include alfalfa, potatoes as well as tomatoes, beans and peas. While these are among the most commonly grown crops located near however, they aren’t the only crop they eat. Their diet includes other kinds of active plants. The blister beetles can be an everyday nuisance since they are able to quickly devour and kill plants. The beetles move from food sources to food sources in small groups , and they can cause damage to a large extent. This could be harmful to farmers , and appropriate precautions is required to safeguard their crops and their health.

How Can You Remove Blister Beetles?

The most effective way to get rid of blister beetles is to hire an expert to eradicate the entire population. The ideal time to get this work done is in the early stages of the season for crops or before harvesting. In most cases, all that is required is a pesticide application. If you think you be suffering from an infestation of blister beetles, contact Pittsburgh Pest to schedule consultation. The person who visits your home or farm will assist in determining the best option depending on the number of pests that are present.

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