Certain pests can be scary Certain pests can be annoying and others are bizarre. Silverfish is among the oddest-looking bugs that infest Pittsburgh homes. They’re not very dangerous, however they can create a lot of troubles inside. Knowing the reasons for silverfish infestations can help you ensure your home and belongings are protected from unnecessary damage.

Everything You Need To Know About Silverfish

Silverfish are a prehistoric species which hasn’t changed much from the time of dinosaurs. Their distinctive shape, tapered design and long antennae gives them an unmistakable style when compared with many other insect species that live in homes. As per their name, they are either silver or gray in color . They typically measure between 1/2 and 3/4 inches in length.

We all have a habit of being scared of bugs that look strange Silverfish are mostly safe. They do not bite or sting and, since they do not come with wings, they won’t be astonished by an aerial attack, as cockroaches do. Silverfish aren’t believed to transmit parasites or disease, but they could trigger an allergic reaction in certain people.

Your family and you are protected from harm with regard to silverfish, however your treasures and personal possessions may not be as fortunate. Silverfish are robust pests that have unique appetites and, in fact, you may be inviting them into your house without even noticing that you are doing it.

What Attracts Silverfish To Your Pittsburgh Home

Food, moisture and shelter. Your home is a sanctuary that gives young silverfish all it needs for a healthy and joyful life. With a lifespan of between three and six year old, that silverfish might last longer than you thought.

Cracks in foundations and screens that are tearing gaps between windows and doors are just a few ways in which silverfish may get into your home due the flat shape of their bodies. A variety of openings on your exterior of the home can be the reason numerous pests, like silverfish, enter indoors But often, they are accidentally brought into homes.

Secondhand containers and boxes are the primary source for silverfish that have hitched a ride. They are often hidden in inside of books or on clothing, or even in objects that are kept in basements warehouses, and attics. The best part is that silverfish are said to live for more than a year with no eating, meaning that when you bring them home, they’re eager to eat.

Moisture and humidity are attractive for silverfish. Leaky pipes, condensation dampnessand dripping could cause silverfish to gather.

Easy Ways To Prevent Silverfish

Silverfish infestations aren’t easy to eradicate after they have established. But you can keep the spread of silverfish to your Pittsburgh home by following these simple tips:

  • Examine second-hand containers. When you are bringing home containers that have been stored in moist basements or moist attics be sure to check the contents for evidence of silverfish. Make sure to examine all clothing and paper materials.
  • Clean your home regularly. Silverfish will feast on the food particles and spills that you leave behind. Be sure to wash the countertops and floors frequently to keep the silverfish and other bugs away.
  • Food items should be stored in a safe manner. Food items that are perishable in the pantry should be kept in airtight containers fitted with lids that lock. Plastic is strong but glass or metal containers are also safe from rodents that are a nuisance to the household.
  • Take care of moisture issues. Examine any leaky pipes or faucets, and repair them when needed. Make windows open and run fans in the attic and basement to provide ventilation, or look into setting up a dehumidifier.
  • Stop access points. Check outside of the house for gaps and cracks, then seal them with silicone caulk. Repair damaged weather stripping and door sweeps, and repair holes in screens.

Pittsburgh Pest Control Can Safely Solve Your Silverfish Problem

If you’re experiencing an issue with silverfish within the vicinity of your Pittsburgh home, rely on professionals at Pittsburgh Pest Control to assist you. We utilize safe, naturally produced products to remove the silverfish that inhabit your house. Contact us now to find out more regarding our silverfish control solutions as well as our other home pest control services!

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