What’s the most impressive thing about large hair, furry tails and an insatiable appetite for the food items in your kitchen? If you’re able to answer the answer, then you’re 100% correct! House mice are thought to be among the more prevalent household-invading pests in the Pittsburgh region. These rodents are also among of the most widely recognized worldwide, sporting features which include:

  • Long whiskers
  • Four-to-five inch bodies
  • Patterns of gray, tawny, and brown

At just under four inches long, mice definitely don’t appear to be very risky for pets or humans. But, they are believed to be responsible for their ability to spread serious diseases as well as the capability of attacking individuals physically, and cause serious destruction to property.

The long-term effects of mouse infestations can result in the degrading of your structure or your house, as well as the destruction of wires. It’s not unusual for structural collapses because of a mouse issue.

Furthermore, the capacity of mice to carry pathogens from one place to another can turn your home into an ideal place for spreading disease. A brief list of mouse-related diseases includes:

  • Hantavirus
  • Salmonellosis
  • Leptospirosis
  • LCM (lymphocytic meningitis)

If you think an infestation of mice could be at work in your home it is best to look for preventative actions or treatments which could safeguard your family.

Keeping Pittsburgh Mice Out Of Your Residential Home

Before we begin to look at preventative actions, it is crucial to know why and how mice invade the homes of peoplein the first initial place. In addition to being incredibly dependent on human activity and humans house mice are constantly searching for three key elements such as water, food and shelter. If your home is equipped with each of these easily accessible to them, then it is the most obvious option for rodents who want to invade your home.

It’s crucial to be aware that house mice require little entry points to get into the homes of Pittsburgh. Mice can squeeze through holes that are as big as one dime or more. They are able to chew through different kinds of materials from drywall to wood to plastic. Therefore, you’ll need to think outside of the box when you are performing mouse-prevention actions:

  • Make sure you are following the proper rules for food and trash storage, if you can. Make sure food items are off the counters and within glass or plastic containers that are reinforced. Make sure that food items are not visible in the fridge or the pantry. Food waste is, however is best stored in trash bins sealed with plastic.
  • Make sure you eliminate all inadvertent entry points that are larger than the size of a dime. With waterproof caulk, fill the gaps and cracks within the home with the maximum amount of caulk you can. Take care when you are looking at windows, doors and concrete foundations.
  • Contact us for ongoing pest control services. an expert agency such as Pittsburgh Pest Control.

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The Pittsburgh Pest Control Difference – We Keep Pittsburgh Homes Safe!

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  • Treatment options which are completely customizable and range from traditional to alternative techniques.
  • Check-ups that follow-up, and check the entire house to look for any signs of activity.

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