While an infestation of pests can be a challenge to manage rodents are among the most irritating pest that live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Because of their huge size and the fact that they’re smarter than bugs they can be difficult to control and capture the rodents. In addition, many people are a bit irritated due to the fact that rodents appear adorable.

But both rodents and mice can be hazardous and destructive pests, which cause numerous problems for homeowners. Both species are prevalent and widespread across the country and share several things in common their appearance and behaviour. It’s uncommon to see an outbreak of both at the at the same time.

How To Tell Mice And Rats Apart

Although rats are larger than mice at full-grown the baby rats are often confused with mice. It is often difficult to tell the two animals apart, so here are some of the key features to look out for.

  • Mice For starters mice have ears that are larger and eyes proportionally to their body that rats do. Additionally, they have longer, tinier tails, which are covered in a light coat of fur. Their faces are triangular form, and they’re brown-grey with a cream underbellies.
  • Rats Rat tails are smaller and more dense, and instead of fur, they’re slightly rough. Rats vary in hues ranging from light brown to black based on the species. Furthermore, they are characterized by a more blunt face form.

The Dangers Of Rodents

Since some people have rodents and mice for pets, it’s easy to think that they’re not that much of problem. But, wild rodents living in your house can be extremely dangerous. Rats and mice alike can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Their urine, droppings and fur could cause respiratory issues in the long run.

Another major issue that comes with rodent infestations is spread of disease. The rodents are notorious to transmit diseases like the hantavirus, rat scratch fever, and salmonella. Additionally, they can carry fleas, and they are also carriers of other diseases, such as the parasites called bartonellosis as well as tapeworms.

Why It’s Difficult To Prevent And Control Rodents

Due to the dangers of rodents living in your home It is essential to make sure you ensure they are kept out. But, it can be extremely difficult to achieve with DIY techniques. Rodents can get through small gaps and cracks. Mice can squeeze through crevices as big as dime, and for rats, they’re the size of one quarter. Due to this, it’s almost impossible to secure the access points. In addition, rats and mice can reproduce at an incredibly fast rate.

Once inside, the insects are more difficult to eliminate. Although traps and other products will reduce the number of them however they will not completely eliminate the problem. Therefore, you’ll be always playing catch-up while the rodents reproduce quickly.

The Most Effective Way To Handle Rodent Problems

Although the DIY approach to pest control DIY rodent controlis often not effective but it is feasible to prevent and eliminate rodents infestations by enlisting the assistance of professionals. The specialists at Pittsburgh Pest Control offer regular pest control for residential properties to ensure you never need the worry of rodents ever again.

Don’t allow rodents to put you as well as your loved ones health in danger. Instead, begin safeguarding your home now by requesting a no-cost quote now!

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