While an infestation of pests isn’t easy to control rodents are among the most annoying insects that live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania . Because of their huge size and the fact that they’re smarter than bugs it is often difficult to control and capture their population. In addition, many people are a bit irritated due to the fact that rodents appear cute.

Both rodents and mice can be harmful and destructive pests that create many issues for homeowners. Both species are widespread and common throughout the region and have numerous similarities in their appearance and behavior. It’s uncommon to find an infestation of both species at the same simultaneously.

How To Tell Mice And Rats Apart

While rats are larger than mice once they reach full size babies are born, they can be confused with mice. It is often difficult to tell the two animals apart, so here are some important distinctions to be aware of.

  • Mice To begin with mice have ears that are larger and eyes that are proportional to their body that rats do. They also have longer, more tinier tails that are covered with a thin coat of fur. Their faces are triangular form, and they’re brown-grey with a cream underbelly.
  • Rats Rat tails are smaller and more dense, and instead of fur, they are slightly rough. Rats range in color , ranging from dark brown to black, based on the species. Furthermore, they possess a sharper face form.

The Dangers Of Rodents

If you consider that some people keep rodents and mice for pets, it’s easy to conclude that they’re not that much of problem. But, wild rodents living in your home can be very harmful. Both rodents and mice can trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Additionally, their urine, droppings and fur could cause respiratory issues as time passes.

Another major issue that comes with rodent infestations is spread of disease. They are known for transmitting diseases such as ratscratch fever, hantavirus and salmonella. They also have fleas in their midst, and may carry other illnesses, including tapeworms and bartonellosis.

Why It’s Difficult To Prevent And Control Rodents

Due to the dangers of rodents living in your home It is essential to make sure you make sure they’re kept out. However, this is very difficult to accomplish with DIY techniques. Rodents are able to slip through tiny cracks and holes. Mice can pass through a crevice that is as big as dime, and for rats, the size of one quarter. This makes it difficult to close off every access point. Additionally, rats and mice reproduce at a rapid rate.

Once inside, the creatures are much more difficult to manage. Although traps and other products are able to reduce their number but they won’t completely eliminate the problem. Therefore, you’ll be always playing catch-up, as rodents multiply rapidly.

The Most Effective Way To Handle Rodent Problems

Although doing it yourself pest control DIY rodent control is not very effective however, it is possible to prevent and eliminate rodent problems with the help of a professional. The specialists at Pittsburgh Pest Control offer continuous pest control for residential properties so that you do not need to worry about rodents in the future.

Don’t let rodents put your as well as your loved ones health in danger. Instead, begin protecting your home by requesting a free quote now!

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