If you’ve got an image in your head of bugs crawling in your yard or scouting around your exterior walls, and squeezing into your home via holes in the foundation of your home, then the very first step you should take is to erase the image. Although there are plenty of bugs that inhabit your yard, and have reasons to invade your Pittsburgh home but bed bugs do not do this. In fact, bed bugs do not have any reason to enter your home. They do not choose to live in your house. They travel from one area to another through accident. This is known as passive dispersal. This is how it works.

What Many People Don’t Know About Bed Bugs

  • Bed bugs are almost exclusively indoor insects. They don’t prefer to live outside and they have a difficult time doing so. They need to be in close proximity to mammals in order to get the blood meals they need. Their preference is for human blood. Therefore, they’re almost always found in close proximity to where humans sleep or lounge.
  • Bed bugs don’t decide to change locations. They get inside objects that can be moved and then are transported to new locations. Some items they may get into are pocketbooks, luggage, gym bags, or mattresses.
  • Bed bug infestations can begin with eggs. When a female bed bug lays eggs, the eggs can be transported with an item, such as eggs hidden in the seams of a piece of clothing. When the eggs get to the new location, they can hatch on their own without the need of the mother bed bug.
  • Bed bugs make the best of a bad situation. While bed bugs prefer a cluttered home because clutter helps them do a better job of hiding, they will live in a clean and orderly home. They won’t go outside if your home doesn’t suit them. So, the idea that bed bugs only live in dirty homes is somewhat foolish.

How You Could Get Bed Bugs

Once you know the ways they spread and spread, let’s look at a few strategies the bed bug might infest your Pittsburgh home accidentally.

  • If you take an adventure, you might be able to return home with bed bug bites or eggs of bed bugs.
  • If someone visits you, they may be bringing bed bugs, or eggs along with them.
  • If you school or work and you are at home, you may bring home bed bugs.
  • When your kids attend sleepovers, they might get bed bugs.
  • If you are at work, you may be bitten by bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs can be a problem while visiting a family member with assisted living.
  • Bed bugs can be a problem as you pick your children off from school.
  • A trip in a cab or bus, train or airplane could lead to the exposure of bed bug.
  • You can buy bed bug infestations when you purchase second-hand furniture.
  • And much more.

This is the essence of the issue. Bed bugs can infest Pittsburgh homes in a variety of unimaginable ways. It is impossible to avoid an infestation of bed bugs without 100% certainty, however there are methods you can take to lower the chance of getting bed bugs.

Bed Bug Infestation Prevention

  • If you’re spending the night away from your home take a look at the interior of your home. You should look for black fecal spots shed skins, white eggs dried blood staining (which appear brown) as well as there are bed bugs in cracks, creases and spaces that are compressed.
  • If you’re out of the home for any period of time, make sure to put your clothes in a sealed plastic bag, for example one with an elastic band for bread. Bed bugs are attracted by the smell of objects that have come in contact with the skin.
  • Keep your luggage in a bag with a seal You can spray your luggage with peppermint or lavender to repel bed bugs.
  • After returning from a excursion, put every item of laundry through a 30-minute cycle of drying. This will kill bed bugs at every stage of development.
  • Learn to teach your children to conduct bed bug inspections whenever they are away from the home.
  • Be alert for bed bugs while on public transportationor dark places, such as sitting in a theater. Make use of the flashlight on your phone to conduct an instant check for bed bug fecesand bloodstains and skins that have shed. There’s a chance that you’ll see an insect crawling about in the darkness.
  • Check the condition of furniture and other things you find on the side of the road.
  • Make sure to check the spare bedrooms regularly after having guests.

What To Do When You Find Bed Bugs

These bugs have a reputation for being difficult to eliminate. The best way to deal with an infestation of bed bugs located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is to call Pittsburgh Pest Control and make an appointment for the pest control treatment for bed bugs. Do not let bed bugs bite you. Contact us now for assistance immediately.

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