In spite of the name they bear, Silverfish (Lepisma sacchrina) are not marine creatures. They are an insect that is common with a slim body that doesn’t exceed 1 inch in length and they are able to walk on six legs. They are silver or bluish colour that looks metallic, and they move in an “fish-like” manner. Silverfish are mostly night-time insects which feed on carbohydrates and sugars. They are usually often found in gardens near the exterior of homes and are able to easily get through tiny openings and enter the. Silverfish that are present inside the home could be an indication of some kind in water damages. Silverfish-infested areas typically will be spotted with yellow stains as well as trailing black particles of small size.

Are Silverfish Potentially Dangerous?

Silverfish aren’t known to pose a significant threat to the health of humans. They don’t hurt or sting and are not likely to transmit any illness. When they are indoors, they prefer dry, dark places and typically reside in basements, laundry or utility rooms, pantries and bathrooms. Silverfish can cause minor damage to property by eating glue, paper, and other household objects made of linen, cotton or silk.

The Importance Of Preventing Moisture

Restricting water sources is crucial to lessen the possibility of finding silverfish inside your home as it is vital to their survival. Be cautious not to over the areas of your landscaping near your house, and repair leaky spigots and garden hoses. Repair any leaky plumbing in your home and then immediately ventilate any areas that have accumulated moisture and then use an air dehumidifier in the event of need.

Other Best Practices For Preventing Silverfish Invasions

  • Examine the exterior of the house’s foundation or the slabs in the crawlspace for cracks or holes that may have formed, and repair them with a strong waterproof sealant or caulk.
  • Examine for any gaps which are present around the seals on windows and doors. It is recommended to apply weather-stripping as necessary, and installing sweeps on the lower edges of exterior doors.
  • Eliminate clutter and debris from the space close to the home, which includes garden supplies, firewood storage and tools.
  • Place outdoor trash cans and recycling bins to an area away from your home.
  • Utilize a vacuum regularly to tidy small spaces, gaps in the baseboards, or any other hiding places.

Avoiding Do-It-Yourself Home Remedies

Pittsburgh homeowners should stay clear of commercial pesticides which tend to overstate their ability to quickly eliminate the intrusions of termites, bed bugs Cockroaches and other pests. Most of the time the pests are temporarily relocated to a different area within the home.

Remember that many of the products available in stores could contain harmful chemicals which could pose safety risks for your family, you as well as your pets. The best option is to talk to an experienced exterminator who has the expertise and the equipment needed to eliminate completely and safely these issues, and also prevent them from recurring.

Licensed Provider Of Professional Pest Control Services

Commercial and residential customers within the greater Pittsburgh area have relied on the experts at Pittsburgh Pest Control for several years. Our experts use the most recent green products that comply with industry standards and won’t harm the local ecosystem. Additionally, we provide customized annual pest control plans which include regular visits from our knowledgeable personnel, and are always backed by a our 100% satisfaction warranty.

We offer specialized treatments that are available on the same day, as well as emergency services should you require them. Contact us now for a full exterior and interior inspections and a free estimate. Don’t forget to inquire about our $50 first discount on service, or other deals that are offered.

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