If you’re seeing ants around your home, they may be in your home or in the outside of your house. The majority of ants prefer living in the ground. When they enter they eat food items and return to their nests on the outside. Some ants opt to build nests in the wall’s voids, or in other hidden places in a house. The carpenter ant–damages your house as it chews into wood timbers in order to form nesting galleries. The carpenter ant is a type of ant that can be found in your house and will not infest your pantry or kitchen cabinets. It is crucial to find out which kind of ants have entered in your Pittsburgh home. We suggest contacting an certified pest control professional to identify ants. If you don’t have ants in your home as of yet Here’s the information you need to be aware of in order to keep them out.

Ants Get In Because They Can

When ants explore the outside of your home, they come in by accident. They don’t know that you have food in your home. They take advantage of gaps, cracks, and holes that are available. Carpenter ants can make holes if holes aren’t present. They tunnel into rotted wood. The first step in ant prevention is to repair areas that are rotted. Once that is done, consider the following tips for ant exclusion:

  • Examine the areas of your foundation in which pipes are able to enter your home. These are the most frequent entry points for ants since pipes may be surrounded by gaps.
  • Check your doors’ exteriors for cracks in the weatherstripping or broken door sweeps.
  • Check your windows for damage to screens, glass panes with broken edges and gaps in frames.
  • Examine your foundation for cracks. You might be able to repair cracks with the help of a foundation repair kit.

Ants Stay In Because They Find Food

When ants invade your property to live permanently or search for food before they return to the outside they are influenced by the available food sources. Your aim should be to keep food out of the reach of the ants. Check out the following advice:

  • Make sure that food products you store inside sealed containers. This can also aid in the elimination of pantry pests.
  • Maintain your home as tidy as you can.
  • Make sure spills are cleaned up as quickly as is possible.
  • If you have children take a look under the beds and behind couches for food items that may were left behind.
  • You should think about eating only in the dining room.

Ants Stay In Because Of Moisture

A variety of ants are attracted to humid habitats. If they do get there the area, they remain in areas that have high humidity. The problem of humidity and moisture creates a less pleasant environment for insects. It could lead them to return outside.

  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • Clear drains that allow water to collect within your tub, shower or sink.
  • Utilize your ventilation fan when you take a bath or shower.
  • Set up fans to ventilate the areas which remain humid.
  • Install dehumidifiers if needed.

Ants Get In Because They Are Near Your Home

There are a variety of factors that could attract ants to your house. If you can address these attracting factors and you’ll see fewer insects. If you’re experiencing less bugs, your chance of having being a victim of an infestation in your home will be reduced.

  • Reduce the moisture in your home by examining your gutters and clearing any obstructions.
  • Take away leaf litter and piles of leaves.
  • Make sure that your garbage is stored in sealed containers Also, make sure that the containers aren’t suffocating with an smell.
  • Remove bird feeders from the exterior walls. Birdseed is a food source for ants. Hummingbird feeders are delicious and sweet snack for ants with a sweet tooth , like certain species of carpenter ants.

Ant Control In Pittsburgh

If you are looking for the most effective control check out the Pest control services that are available all year long. From Pittsburgh Pest Control. Ants pose a threat to your health as well as your property in general, but there are other pests that pose more dangers. There is no reason why a Pittsburgh property should be devoid of an effective pest control strategy. Let us help you with choosing the best solution to meet your requirements and budget. There’s no better way to control the ants. Contact us now and have your security installed.

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