They’re not the most prevalent cockroaches that infest homes throughout the U.S., but Turkestan cockroaches are responsible for a fair amount of troubles for both homes or businesses within Pittsburgh. Turkestan cockroaches are known for their ability to spread diseases and cause stress everywhere they move. Therefore, if you’re looking to safeguard your home Here’s what you need to be aware of Turkestan Cockroaches in Pittsburgh.

About Turkestan Cockroaches

They live up to their name, Turkestan cockroaches are native to Central Asia and North Africa. As with other insects (and particularly the roaches), Turkestan cockroaches made their way into in the U.S. hidden amidst shipping containers on ships traveling. In the past few decades, cockroaches have been increasing in number throughout areas of the American Southwest and have even been discovered as far east as Florida.

Turkestan Cockroaches are around one inch long. Females are reddish-rusty and males are brown or orange. Males can fly, while female Turkestan cockroaches don’t. They are typically located in natural compost heaps decaying foliage, electric boxes or potted vegetation.

They generally prefer living outdoors, but when their population grows during summer they will often make ways to get inside Pittsburgh homes and business. Males of the species are drawn by the light that draws the roaches to your house.

Problems Caused By Turkestan Cockroaches

Similar to other roaches, Turkestan cockroaches could cause numerous problems for your property. While they search for food, they are found in unsafe areas like toilets and dumpsters. The pathogens they discover in these soiled areas can end up contaminating surfaces in your business or home. From dysentery to gastroenteritis, there are a myriad of ailments which can be traced back to an active infestation of cockroaches.

There is also a possibility that cockroaches could trigger allergies. When there are large numbers of populations, tiny particles of skin sheds and other cockroach waste are sprayed into the air. These particles may cause irritation to the skin and lungs and in more severe instances, may cause asthma and eczema.

Turkestan Cockroaches are a popular reptile meal in the U.S., which presents their own challenges. Since they breed rapidly and require very little attention, Turkestan roaches are an increasing popular choice for pet owners. They are also distributed throughout a wider region.

It takes just one female roach to flee and lay eggs for an entire infestation to begin. The ability to breed quickly of Turkestan Cockroaches is an advantage over other roaches. Additionally, they are identified as being able to overwhelm species such as Oriental Cockroaches due to their large number of eggs.

How To Prevent Turkestan Cockroaches

The prevention of Turkestan cockroaches requires time and effort. However, by keeping these habits in place it will drastically decrease the likelihood of getting bitten. A few methods to try include:

  • Good cleaning Clean up tables and counters and clean floors regularly to remove food particles that attract insects.
  • Shut off the lightsas much as feasible, turn off outdoor lights off at late at night. Shades or curtains should be drawn at night to stop lights from spilling over.
  • Securely store foodStore perishable pantry food in durable containers made of glass, plastic or steel.
  • Reduce access to waterCheck that the drains and gutters flow freely without obstructions. Repair any leaky pipes or faucets that could provide roaches with a drink for free.
  • Stop entry The exterior of your home for gaps and cracks, then seal them using silicone caulk as necessary. Replace broken door sweeps and weather stripping.

If you’re dealing with a cockroach issue within Pittsburgh the best approach to deal with the issue is with assistance with the expertise of Pittsburgh Pest Control. Our cockroach control services are unbeatable and will effectively and safely remove any cockroaches you’ve got. Contact us today for more details!

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