Bees make up an insect many people have a variety of feelings towards. On one side, some bees appear adorable with their fuzzy appearance. On the other hand, they play a vital role in the development of the ecosystem since they pollinate plants and produce honey. However, bees can pose a risk around your Pittsburgh residence due to their ability to sting or inject poison. While the majority of bees do not cause property damage, there’s one species which could be dangerous. The carpenter bee tunnels into wood to form nests. Though, unlike termites they don’t eat the wood, they do make holes in it. This could cause damage to decks, outbuildings and sidings, among others. Carpenter bees are distinguished from other bee species due to the fact that they are black in their abdomen, and do not have stripes. They also have only fur on their heads and the majority of other species have all-over fuzzy.

What Are The Risks Of Carpenter Bees?

Although Carpenter bees may sting in a way, and this can pose a issue if you’re allergic bee venom, they aren’t considered to be dangerous species. They tend to harm your home than you are and your property, however this destruction is still difficult to deal with.

The longer an infestation remains the more damage these bees are likely to cause. They’ll create more nests within wooden structures on your property, and may cause significant harm over time. Carpenter bees typically prefer wood that has not been treated and weathered without paint or painting over time. They prefer soft varieties of wood such as cedars, redwoods, and pines.

What’s The Best Way To Prevent Carpenter Bees?

If you find that carpenter bees have established their nests on your property, you could be spending thousands of dollars for repairs, particularly if your presence of the bees persists for a long time. If you attempt to get rid of them by yourself is risky, since this is the time when they’re likely to bite you.

There is a easy way to get rid of carpenter bees and shield your home from destruction by using professional assistance with Pittsburgh Pest Control. We’re able to swiftly eliminate the stinging bugs that can be difficult to remove and stop them from returning. We also offer no-cost pest control. Contact us now to receive an estimate for free.

Five Carpenter Bee Prevention Tips From The Experts At Pittsburgh Pest Control

Although expert pest management is the most effective method to deal with carpenter bees however, there are several steps you can take in your property or office to keep them out. Follow these steps with professional pest control is the most effective way to deal with these bees.

1. Check that decks, outbuildings as well as any wooden structures that are outside are stained or painted with varnish. Keep any lumber placed in a dry, well-organized space.

2. Install a metal flashing to discourage Carpenter bees.

3. If you own any amenities on your property , such as hot tubs, pools or hot tubs, make sure you are using the appropriate chemicals and maintain them with water that has been cycled.

4. Carpenter bees, along with numerous other pests are attracted by water remove any areas where water could collect in your yard.

5. Repair rooflines in order to prevent carpenter bees out of roofs or attics.

Carpenter bees are hazardous and destructive. To keep them out from your Pittsburgh property, contact Pittsburgh Pest Control today. Our regular pest control solutions will protect your home from carpenter bees as well as other insects that aren’t yours throughout the year. Contact us now to find out the details about our secure and efficient carpenter bee methods of control!

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