The yellow jackets can be beneficial because they feed upon other insect. But, they can also be harmful to humans. They are known to defend their nests and may be stinging multiple times. The stings can be painful, and some individuals are so sensitive to the venom, it kills the insects. Because yellow jackets are nesting on the ground it’s difficult to recognize that the nest exists until you break it. The majority of people see the nests when they garden and, in particular, when cutting over the nest.

Description Of Yellow Jackets

It is possible to find three kinds of yellow jackets in Florida. They are the Eastern yellow jacket (Vespula maculifrons) and the Southern yellow jacket (Vespula squamosal). The three kinds look alike.

  • They’re black and yellow which is a color combination that usually signifies something as hazardous or unpleasant.
  • Yellow jackets are distinguished by the distinct bodily parts the head, the thorax, and abdomen.
  • Yellow jackets sport flame-colored wings, gray antennae, as well as three legs of yellow.

The hairless hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) is also a kind of yellowjacket. It is black and white on the abdomen and head. In general, if nest of wasps is in the air, it’s known as an Hornet. If it builds its nest on the ground, it’s known as the yellow jacket.

Yellow Jacket Behavior Characteristics

The bald-faced hornet builds its nest in the air, while other yellow jackets are buried in the ground. Nests made by the bald-faced Hornet could be as large as a foot wide. The three insects all have nests in which thousands of stinging wasps reside. Any strong touch or vibration can trigger the wasps to emerge from their nests to defend themselves. If you get too close to nest of hornets can set them off, too. Due to the sheer number of wasps that sting it is extremely risky. Even if a person isn’t sensitive to the poison they could be stung numerous stings that can cause them to become very sick, or even kill them. The elderly and children are at greatest risk. It takes 1,500 stings kill an adult, however it takes it takes only 300-400 stings to kill a child.

Lifecycle of Yellow Jackets

Queens of the yellow jacket come out of their homes throughout winter and return in spring. She begins to construct rows of combs, which are surrounded by a shell of paper. In the beginning, she locates food that feeds the larvae, protects the nest, creates more space, and ensures the eggs are laid. When that’s done the queen is devoted to the process of laying eggs, and will never leave the nest. The workers are less slender than the queen, and are females who are sterile. When the leaves fall in autumn, bigger cells are created while female yellow jackets are able to lay eggs inside these cells. The larvae eat more and get bigger. The queens are fertile. The old queen lay unfertilized male egg that mat with the queens once they have left the nest. The new queens seek out a place to stay warm, typically beneath one of the branches of a tree. The queen that was old, as well as the old nest will perish. Spring is when the process begins new.

Ways To Prevent Yellow Jacket Nests Around Your Pittsburgh Home

Yellow jackets love sweets and will arrive in large numbers if they can find an edible food item.

  • Make sure that your trash container has a secure lid on it , as yellow jackets are likely to rummage around in the trash.
  • If you’re dining outside, take a look prior to sipping your drink because you could spot an orange jacket.
  • Dispose of food quickly to ensure that wasps don’t gnaw upon it. Cover food until it’s eaten.
  • Fix any leaks that are outside your home to block wasps from drinking water.
  • Check for gaps in the siding to ensure that wasps aren’t able to make a nest beneath it.

The Experts At Pittsburgh Pest Control Will Safely Remove Yellow Jacket Nests

Don’t Try This At Home, Instead Call The Experts At Pittsburgh Pest Control. If you discover the nest of a wasp on the ground, or under your eaves, don’t attempt to get rid of it by yourself. Pittsburgh Pest Control’s team Pittsburgh Pest Control has the necessary equipment to get rid of the nests of stinging insects safely. We also have a lot of experience in getting rid of wasps who are too close to your house and garden. Contact Pittsburgh Services today to get rid of those hazardous yellow jackets.

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