Ticks are present, even in Pennsylvania’s climate. There are a few types of ticks that can be found in the Grand Canyon State. Practicing tick safety can be a good idea; contact Pittsburgh Pest Control for experience and professionalism when needing tick extermination in Pittsburgh.

What Does A Tick Look Like?

One of the most important actions to keep ticks out of the righty is to recognize them. Although Rocky Mountain wood ticks can be found in Pennsylvania There are two types of ticks that individuals may encounter within the Pittsburgh metropolitan zone.

Ticks are quite dangerous. They are parasites that spread disease. the body of a person, and then grab onto the skin prior to beginning an extremely painful feeding process, alternately the injection of saliva as well as sucking blood.

  • Brown Dog Ticks: Young ticks, also known as nymphs have six legs, whereas adults have eight legs. This bug, known as the brown one, is the cause of numerous instances associated with Rocky Mountain spotted fever in Pennsylvania.
  • The Rocky Mountain wood tick The brown bug can turn gray after consuming. It is not common throughout the Pittsburgh region The tick can be located in the northern region of the state. It is also possible to be spotted riding along with uninvited travellers.

Ticks In Pennsylvania And Their Bites

A tick bite may not always hurt this is a part of the issue. People may not even be aware that the tick bit them since they think they’d never notice something as infuriating as an insect bite.

While not every tick bite could transmit illness to an individual host, it’s important to be aware of what the warning signs are for tick-borne diseases that could be found in Pennsylvania.

  • Colorado Tick Fever: Vomiting chills, rash fatigue, fever sore throat, and cramping could occur between one day and two weeks. Fortunately, human lives are not at risk if an animal transmits the disease on to them.
  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever: Victims may experience fever nausea, headache and a spotted rash ranging between two and 12 days following a bite. The illness can be life-threatening.
  • Tularemia A rash swelling of the lymph glands and high fever could be present; the symptoms could range from mild to extreme. The time of transmission can range from between three and five days.

Always remember to seek urgent medical assistance if any of the above symptoms are observed.

Tick Prevention Near Me

One of the most effective ways to ensure that you do not contract an illness transmitted by ticks is to decrease the tick population on the area.

  • Take care of outdoor spaces: Pull the weeds regularly. Make sure that wood piles are kept off the area if you can. Get rid of any leaf litter or other debris from the backyard. Pruning tree limbs is a good way to reduce the amount of overhanging vegetation near the house as well as walkways and patios.
  • Deter Hosts: Deer rodents and coyotes are known to transmit ticks onto property. Eliminating these animals will reduce the amount of ticks on the property. Make sure that trash is properly disposed of in a bin with a lid which closes completely. Get rid of any water that is still standing. Repair leaky spigots and sprinkler heads. Beware of feeding birds.
  • Animals on medication: Make sure they are fully protected whenever they venture outside. There are many tick-related products readily available and are extremely efficient in keeping ticks away from pets. You should follow a specific schedule and apply the treatment according to instructions.
  • Mow Grass: While mowing grass lower the blade to ensure that your grass cuts short. A minimum of three inches is the ideal length.

Tick Extermination

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