From an equidistant distance, fire ants do not appear like formidable enemies. They’re small , brownish reddish pests that do not have any distinctive characteristics. If you take a look at the fire ant from afar it will be clear their sharp mandibles as well as their the stinger, however they aren’t intimidating.

However, fire ants pose more danger than they seem. If you find the stinging pests that are a nuisance in your home and you are unable to stop them, it is imperative that you act fast. Find out what you must do if you spot these insects in close proximity to you Pittsburgh property or workplace.

The Dangers Of Fire Ants

Before you determine what your initial steps should be you must be aware of the risks associated with fire insects. The ants found in Pittsburgh contain venom in their stingers and they’re not scared to use it. If they detect an imminent threat to their colony the fire ant will sting the person who is intruding. They’ll also alert another fire ant to attack, resulting with multiple wounds.

If you’re allergic ant venom, then you should expect some discomfort and irritation. Stings from fire ants aren’t a pleasant experience and may itch for several days. However, they are common because it’s difficult to identify fire nests of ants. The majority of people get stung while they are unaware of their surroundings and move, stand or sit inside the nest. Since fire ant colonies can be huge, you could find a number of nests in your home.

The most serious issue occurs when an individual who is sensitive to the venom of fire ants is bitten. The feeling of nausea, dizziness or even shock anaphylactic are signs of a fire ant stain. The stakes are very high and it is imperative to tackle fire ants right away you notice them.

What You Should Do

The first thing you need to do when you discover an ant colony of fire is to contact a reputable pest control service. If you do it yourself there’s nothing that you could do in order to get rid of fire pests. There are several queens, and killing just one queen isn’t going to destroy the whole colony. In a matter of minutes, a new queen will come in the reigns, and the colony will be able to endure.

DIY methods for fire ant control are mostly not effective. If you attempt some of the home remedies available online and you’re likely to fail. Certain techniques are simply myths, and others aren’t even efficient. If you attempt to deal with the problem by yourself you’ll waste your time and money.

When you call an expert they will be able to examine the issue. The experts will then find the safest and most effective method to get rid of the insects. If you’re working with a reliable company, they’ll be able to use an approach that rids you of fire ants and stops their return.

The Importance Of Fire Ant Prevention

Since there is only one efficient method of eliminating fire ants, it’s essential to take preventive measures. These tips can help keep fire ants out from your home:

Maintain Your Yard

If you’ve got debris piles and fallen leaves lying that are lying on your ground you may draw fire ants onto your property. Get rid of yard debris and stop your backyard in becoming overgrown. It’s not enough to guarantee that fire ants stay at bay, but it’s an excellent starting point.

Seal Your Trash Cans

The garbage you dump in open containers is attracted to fire ants since they have an opportunity to eat. Get rid of this source of food by keeping your garbage in containers that have lids.

Rely On A Professional

When all is said and done, there’s just one method to secure your home from fire pests like ants. If you partner in conjunction with Pittsburgh Pest Control, you’ll be able to eliminate and remove fire insects out of your Pittsburgh property permanently. Contact us today to find out more about.

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