Two kinds of termites are prevalent within Pittsburgh. Two types of termites are common in the Pittsburgh region. Drywood termites are one of them which are quite distinct from their counterparts that are subterranean termites. Drywood termites construct their nests in wood and other cellulose-based materials while subterranean termites dwell in moist soil and make use of the mud tube and tunnel transport between their nest and food sources. This is why drywood termites can be efficient in their consumption of wood.

Subterranean termites require water for survival drywood termites do not require water from the soil and prefer feeding with dry wood. When it comes to eating timber, termites from drywood feast across the grain, which means they consume all wood, not only the soft areas. The consuming of wood across the grain could cause structures to fall.

Because of the amount of damage termites can do It is crucial to Pittsburgh residents to learn more about this pest, the best ways to keep them out and also how to eliminate the problem safely and effectively.

Signs Of Drywood Termites

When drywood termites occur in a residence They could be found in window and door frames, furniture made of wood (especially antique furniture) as well as parts of structural lumber, and different dry wooden structures, such as sheds and decks.

There are a variety of signs which could be indicative of drywood termite problems. The indicators include:

  • Droppingsare also known as frass and looks similar to black pepper.
  • The swarming of wings and the discarded ones are usually the first indication of an infestation by termites.
  • Hollow wood – If you hit a piece of wood and you hear it sound hollow this means termites have been consuming.
  • Drywood termites make clicking noises. aren’t quiet while they eat away at your wood.
  • Doors are difficult to close and difficult to open windowsDrywood termites trigger wood to warp when they tunnel.

If you suspect that you have a termite problem in your home It is important to act. The longer termites stay on your property an infestation, their damage are able to cause.

Getting Rid Of Drywood Termites

It’s almost impossible to eliminate drywood termites by yourself. Because they live inside wood, it’s difficult for an non-trained eye to see the termites. Furthermore drywood termite colonies consist of thousands of individuals which makes it difficult to eliminate of these termites.

The best option is to contact the professionals to call Pittsburgh Pest Control. If you suspect an infestation of drywood termites it is best to get in touch with us immediately. Our highly trained technicians are aware of the symptoms to look for, will assess the extent of damage to your home and eliminate the problem making sure you and your family are secure during the process.

Although professionals can help you in eliminating termites, it’s best not to allow them to infest your home from the beginning.

Prevention Tips For Drywood Termites

In order to stop an infestation of termites from ever occurring or prevent them from returning then you must follow the following suggestions:

  • Secure entry points in the exterior and foundation walls of your house. This is also true for spaces that are around the utility lines.
  • Get rid of rotting wood and other vegetation that are rotting on your land. It includes dead trees fences made of wood or play structures.
  • Make use of rocks instead of soil and mulch in your garden beds that surround the foundations of your home.
  • Always inspect objects made from wood prior to placing them on your property since it is the most frequent way for termites to infest dry wood.

The most effective way to prevent termite infestation is by obtaining ongoing support by experts. We at Pittsburgh Pest Control, we have more than thirty years experience. We can develop an termite-control plan that is perfect for your needs using environmentally friendly products. Contact us now by calling Pittsburgh Pest Control to find out more about the services we can offer your Pittsburgh home, and to request a an estimate for no cost.

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