The termites are a devastating winged insect that is found all over Pennsylvania which mostly eat the cellulose in wood. They can infest a home and not be noticed for a time because they typically devour wood structures following tunneling inside. In time internal erosion may cause serious structural damage to a building which is typically uninsured. Termites can attack all kinds wood structures. Homes that are newly constructed typically have been treated for termites. However, the protection may be lost after a few years and expose the house to. Due to their tiny dimensions, even a small opening could allow access to an area and, in the meanwhile, start to destroy the building materials.

Common Types In Pennsylvania

The two kinds most frequently encountered on the ground in Pennsylvania are the subterranean desert and the dry-wood termites from the western region. Subterranean termites create underground nests and tunnels that are commonly referred to as”mud tubes” that permit safe access into wood-based sources.

Drywood termites construct their nest inside a wooden structure, rather than on the ground. This kind of termites are usually more recognizable because they produce large quantities of hardened excrement close to their nest.

Termite Swarmers

A commonly used signs of infestation is swarming termites. This is the start of their mating season. In areas of the U.S. with four distinct seasons, this will typically take place in spring. In the Pittsburgh region this type of termite can be active throughout the mid-to-late summer months. They typically swarm near light sources, like those that illuminate the entryway in front of exterior doors.

Swarmers Create New Colonies

Male and female termites eventually mate and try to establish new colonies. There may be small piles of wings shed towards the end of their swarming period.

Preventing Termite Intrusions

  • Limit water levels Limit moisture Pittsburgh region has less rainfall per year than the majority of U.S. regions; however it could be that the water is a result of other sources. For instance, they may be collecting water from sprinklers, or the condensation of air conditioning units. Repair leaky plumbing or fixtures.
  • Take away any waste wood and debris: Do not store firewood , or place large amounts of mulch near the house.
  • Separate the soil from the structure by creating an insulating layer of steel mesh or rock-type materials to block subterranean termites from directly entering the foundation.
  • Secure entry points Make use of a strong sealing caulk, or silicone to seal any cracks that may have formed in the house’s foundation or in other gaps.

Do I Need A Professional Exterminator For Termite Infestations?

In many instances homeowners do not notice a termite issue until an expensive and costly damage has taken place. Some people make the mistake of trying to make use of termite sprays in aerosols products, or other products that are sold in mass quantities in local stores or online retailers, and fail in eliminating the bugs. A termite problem should be handled by experienced experts who are aware of the most effective methods for successfully eliminating these colonies.

Licensed Local Provider Of Professional Pest Control Solutions

The extermination team of highly experienced experts working at Pittsburgh Pest Control uses the most advanced products and methods that are available today in the market. We are well-versed in safety guidelines outlined from the EPA, Pennsylvania Pest Professional Organization as well as the National Pest Management Association. We’re determined to use natural products safe for clients as well as their pets and the environment.

Our team offers solutions to Pheonix homeowners facing issues like bed bugs as well as stinging insects as well as a variety of other potentially hazardous insects. We are also certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and have been awarded an A-grade. Contact us today to inquire about the full exterior and interior house inspection and a no-obligation quote.

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