The world is full of many different scents. Some are pleasing, such as the scent of freshly made pies or cool breeze near lakes. Other smells are easy to turn our backs from smells like skunks and garbage heaps, and the shabby public toilets. So, is it possible that there scents that bed bug dislike that the average person doesn’t seem to be bothered by? To help you answer this question today, here are a few facts you need to know about bed bugs, as well as easy ways to keep them away from the area of your Pittsburgh house..

Some Facts About Bed Bugs

There’s a good likelihood that you’ve been told about Bed bugs however you might know little or nothing at all about the pests. bugs, other than the fact that they can be found in beds of people. What you may not be aware of about bed bugs excel in their ability to hide. They are not often found in the houses they invade. They are among the most difficult insects to find in our local area.

Another advantage of the bed bug is they do not attack in the same manner that other insects do. When cockroaches, flies, and ants enter through gaps and cracks in the foundation of your home as well as under doors as well as through un-sealed windows they travel through bed bugs. That’s right. The pests lurk on the objects people carry, stay with their heads down and try to get in the home of someone else, just like yours.

Are Bed Bugs Sensitive To Smells?

The quick answer is that the bed bug is sensitive scents. The issue of using scent-based repellents to stop these insects from biting your skin is that they work only in a limited way. If you do not apply the products to the bed or on your body at night and you are not finding very little or no results using this method of prevention. It is also important to be aware that bed bugs are able to survive over a long time without blood meals, for up to five years in certain circumstances. If the smells of your home are keeping these insects from biting you in the night, they’ll be hiding in your walls, beneath the floorboards, and the other areas of your house until you get rid of them. Another problem with smell-based repellents is that they can be costly particularly if you’re making use of essential oils.

A Better Way To Prevent Bed Bugs

There’s no method to safeguard your home from bed bugs, but there are numerous strategies that will help you keep them out of your into your home. To assist you on your path towards a bug-free house there are a few practical preventative steps we suggest.

  • After returning from your trip, put clothes that are no longer in use in an airtight box. When you are back, take bags into the washing machine and wash it with high temperature.
  • Be sure to check the rooms you’re planning to stay in for blood-stained the bed, insects, tiny specks of black fecal matter that is reddish and shed insect skins prior to settling into.
  • Do not place any personal belongings on the floor in public for longer than 20 minutes, as that is the amount of time it takes for bed bugs to crawl across.
  • Be sure to check furniture, clothing and other objects for bed bugs prior to taking them to your home.
  • Instruct your children and family members about bed bugs, so they will not bring them into your home.

What To Do If Bed Bugs Invade Your Home

There is only one option that will guarantee to remove pests from your house. Expert pest management. We at Pittsburgh Pest Control, we provide eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions to get rid of these harmful blood-feeding insects. Call us now to arrange an appointment at your Pittsburgh residence for thorough bed bug inspection , or to discuss your options regarding treatment.

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