The word “obnoxious” doesn’t even begin the description of mosquitoes. They appear around the time that you’re finishing work and looking forward to a relaxing time. The deck will be more relaxing when you didn’t have to swatted away mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes Common To Southern Pennsylvania

There are 40 distinct kinds of mosquitoes that live in Pennsylvania. The majority of them are tiny blood suckers looking to find their next food source however there are some who transmit deadly illnesses. They are the ones we must be concerned about, not only because they’re annoying however, because they can cause people to be very sick, or end up dying.

  • Western encephalitis mosquito
  • Southern house mosquitoes
  • Yellow fever mosquito
  • Western malaria mosquito
  • Inland mosquitoes that feed on floodwater
  • Asian tiger mosquito

Did you realize that around 700,000 people die each year due to mosquito-related illnesses? The mosquitoes are responsible for killing more living creatures in comparison to any other creature on earth and particularly in the Southwest region of the U.S., we have five of the most egregious of mosquito-borne diseases.

Can You Use Essential Oils to Repel Mosquitoes?

A lot of people believe in the method that is natural and uses essential oils to stop mosquitoes from breeding However, do they actually do the job? It’s a matter of time and sorta-sorta. A lot of companies make top-quality organic oils, a few of which are able to be taken in. Every company has their own blends of mosquito repellents which can be sprayed or brushed using a rollerball on the skin. If you’re an essential oil lover you could even create your own blends.

Every human has a distinct chemical constitution and can react and react differently to oil. While some people get great outcomes, others don’t and wonder what the fuss is all about? This can be said of many aspects of life. Do you like salty or sweet? Dry rub or barbecue that is spicy? Do you like hot or do prefer cooler temperatures? Essential oils are definitely worth a try, and you might be among the handful that it can help.

Which Essential Oils Have The Best Results?

A quick search on the internet will result in pages of essential oils mosquito repellents. Each is slightly different in terms of use and application. It is possible to use these ingredients from nature in their oil form or in their natural forms.

  • Thyme – It is a great top-up, or fresh thyme may be burned on a campfire.
  • Citronella is a mix of plants that could be utilized in numerous ways. The combination must be right.
  • Lemon/Eucalyptus is utilized since the 1940s and is widely known as an insect repellent.
  • Cinnamon – This oil is believed to repel mosquitoes that are adult and also kill eggs
  • Lavender acts as a repellent and has antiseptic properties.

Essential oils should not be applied to the face directly. They must be dilute in carrier oils such as the fractionated coconut oil. They aren’t regulated through authorities like the Food and Drug Administration, so make sure you purchase only reputable brands.

Assistance from a Professional

Do not leave anything up to chance in the case of mosquito prevention in Pittsburgh. Utilize essential oils that work to protect you when you’re on the go however, when you’re at home, additional precautions are suggested. We’re never as vigilant at home, and we don’t have to worry about mosquitoes getting in while the grocery items are unloaded. The people working at Pittsburgh Pest Control have the answer to your mosquito-related issues. We are pleased to offer the In2Care’s mosquito trap, an amazing eco-friendly product. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary evaluation, and to find out how we can help you with In2Care’s insect control solutions.

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