You might recognize them by their names. Carpet beetles are a renowned pest. However, knowing their name doesn’t protect your family from the dangers to carpet beetles living within Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In the first place, carpet beetles aren’t going to cause damage to your carpets. These creatures prefer the natural fibres and the majority of contemporary carpets are made of synthetic fibers. Therefore, vacuuming your carpets not the best way to tackle an infestation of carpet beetles. Here are some additional facts you should learn about the carpet beetles that live in Pittsburgh.

They’re Small

A carpet beetle is only about ⅛ of an inch. That is nothing more than a speck. If you’ve looked online to find pictures of carpet beetles, you may have a hard time associating the pictures with the pests because they’re so small.

We Have Four Carpet Beetle Species In Pittsburgh

They are the furniture different as well as common carpet beetle. It’s not required to distinguish them however it is essential that you can identify these insects from others. You might require magnifying glasses to do that. Carpet beetles are an oval shape, but only if of course it’s a carpet beetle that is black. Black carpet beetles tend to be more of a pill-shaped shape. Carpet beetles all have hard wing covers with an elongated line that runs across the back. Carpet beetles’ antennas look like they are a bit bulbous on their tips, similar to the handlebars on motorcycles.

This Is How Carpet Beetles Get Inside

The insects are able to easily get inside your Pittsburgh home via a tiny crack, gap or crack. They do this while they look for food. Carpet beetles consume nectar and pollen. In the case of plants close to your foundation walls and foundation, you have a higher chance to find these pests invading your home. Follow these steps for keeping them away

  • Repair any holes that may be present in your screens.
  • Fill in gaps around door frames and window frames.
  • Replace damaged glass panes.
  • Fill in gaps around foundations.
  • Fill in the cracks in your wall’s foundation.
  • Install weep hole protections.

This Is What Carpet Beetles Do Inside

If you spot carpet beetles around your home There are a few points to know about.

  • Carpet beetles in adulthood are a sign of damage to your property. They won’t harm your possessions. It’s those carpet beetles’ eggs which cause holes in clothing as well as other fabrics. If you are able to pull adult carpet beetles out using your vacuum cleaner it could be getting rid of the warning symbol. Cleaning your carpets is an excellent first step as it could remove eggs close to the floor of your carpets however, steam cleaning is essential to remove carpet beetle larvae that are in your the rug.
  • Adult carpet beetles could become a pest in your pantry. They may lay eggs in food storage containers. It is possible to avoid this by storing your food in sealed containers.
  • Carpet beetle larvae damage your belongings. The larvae can be described as hairy grubs. Examine items made of natural fibers for signs of. If you’re able put an item through a 30-minute dryer , it could destroy carpet beetles throughout every stage of development.
  • Carpet beetle larvae tend to be larger than adult beetles. They are easier to spot than beetles.
  • Carpet beetle larvae prefer darkness. If you own an area rug that has natural fibers, like an area rug, lifting the item and looking at the bottom may uncover the grubs of carpet beetles.

This Won’t Work To Control Carpet Beetles

If you try to rid your carpet of beetles using sprays but you’re likely to end up disappointed. Sprays are topical , and aren’t deep enough to kill the carpet beetle eggs and larvae. Also, you’ll not be successful with diatomaceous Earth or whatever else that you put on your carpets. In addition, they won’t reach the depths you want, but they won’t do anything to combat carpet beetles that have invaded the clothes that you keep in your closets.

The Best Way To Deal With Carpet Beetles In Pittsburgh

Contact us to speak with Pittsburgh pest experts at Pittsburgh. Our team with Pittsburgh Pest Control can stop a carpet beetle invasion in your home . They can provide continuous perimeter protection to stop carpet beetles from invading your home once more. Contact us today for help or to set up a service. We’re here to assist you.

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