As the years progress, more Pittsburgh residents are using the essential oils as well as natural fragrances to keep insects at bay. It’s become a common knowledge that specific scents which insects do not like. For instance lemon is one scent that mosquitoes hate. Do bed bugs get frightened by certain scents? Yes. But not in the way you imagine. Today, we’ll review natural pest control methods for bed bugs, and take an in-depth look at how essential oils do to eliminate bed bugs. If you require urgent assistance for the problem of bed bugs in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, you can contact us via our contact form.

How Essential Oils Deter Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests that often get picked up during vacations and other trips away from home. Some smart travelers have learned that using a lavender spray can prevent bed bugs from getting into their luggage. This is an effective use of essential oils. You can also achieve the same effects by putting your luggage inside plastic bags.

The Downside To Essential Oils

Although essential oils can assist in keeping bed bugs from returning to your home however, they’re not the ideal method to avoid bed bug bites, or to stop bed bugs from entering your home.

  • Are bed bugs likely to be able to leave you alone if apply essential oil sprays to yourself? The issue in essential oils is the fact that they decrease in power during the night. If you’re not ready to rise at the end of the night to apply lavender to your skin once more, you’re not going stop insects from biting you. Bed bugs hungry for food bites you in the early morning , once the scent has faded.
  • Will bed bugs be able to leave your home if apply essential oil sprays to everything? No. They’ll simply go to the shade. They’re not insects that live outdoors. They are primarily in the indoors. They can tolerate the smell and endure the smell to find blood-feeding and to survive.

Natural Pest Control For Bed Bugs

Okay. Essential oils have limited capacity to repel bed bugs. So, do they work for controlling bed bugs? Not entirely. There is a current push towards using natural products to eliminate bed bugs. What essential oils can kill bed bugs? After a lot of research There are three oils that are far superior to all other oils. They’re the blood orange and silicone as well as paraffin oil. While these essential oils do show promise, they’re not at the point of being ready for commercialization. The dosages needed to kill bed bugs are at present too high for humans to bear. At present Pest control professionals are waiting and watching.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

The tried-and-tested methods to control bed bugs focus more on the method, and less about the product. What exactly do we mean? Although essential oils aren’t yet prepared for deployment but there are other natural bed bug control methods that are. For example for example, here at Pittsburgh Pest Control, we frequently utilize the use of heat to kill the bed bug. This is a reliable natural solution when carried out by a certified professional. It is also possible to suggest replacing your mattress. There are mattresses with specialization that are not susceptible against bed bug infestations. They are able to prevent bed bugs from entering this zone of vulnerability. The most important reason to select Pittsburgh Pest Control is not the product we use. It’s the process we employ.

  • Inspections of quality with certified canines. One of the reasons that bed bug treatments fail is because bed bugs aren’t effectively identified. Our dog inspectors locate bed bugs to ensure that we can identify areas that require treated.
  • The selection of suitable synthetic dusts and products to end an infestation cycle, as well as the application that conforms to the strict safety standards. Bed bugs are a nuisance in areas that are difficult to eliminate like the walls that have gaps.
  • The products listed are the ideal method to get rid of bed bugs once they’ve hid in these difficult places.
  • The proper placement of sensors, heating units and fans to raise the temperature to levels that kills bed bugs is carried out in a manner that blocks bed bugs from locating cold spots and thus avoiding the treatment.
  • Monitoring and evaluation to make sure that bed bugs are not within Your Pittsburgh property.
  • A 90-Day Warranty. We promise you that your bed bug infestation will be solved to your complete satisfaction.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Pittsburgh

We hope that we’ve made the argument that if you reside in Pittsburgh or in the area around the best method to stop the bed bug problem is to call Pittsburgh Pest Control for bed bug treatment services. The method we employ has been tested in the field. We’ve had plenty of success in removing bed bugs. We have many satisfied customers to show that it works. If you’re experiencing bed bugs, contact us now.

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