Carpet beetles are a nuisance which people tend to ignore, but they could be a constant source of irritation for both you and the rest of your household. To keep carpet beetles out of dominating your home, be aware of the reasons they take over houses in Pittsburgh.

What Are Carpet Beetles?

Carpet beetles have been named after their habits , not their appearance. These insects are famous for their eggs laid in carpets and other fabrics. Once the eggs hatch the larvae consume the carpet or the material.

There are many carpet beetles, it’s difficult to determine which one is within your home. The United States, there are three varieties of these insects. They all have oval forms and can only be approximately 1/8th of an inch in length. Based what species you are, your beetle can be colored black or with an image.

Many people mistake carpet beetles as bed bugs. But, they do not feed on blood. The most serious harm that can be caused is irritation, as the larvae’s bristles could trigger allergic reactions. In the event of a contact with larvae, you may suffer from an alopecia.

The most significant issue is property damage. Since the larvae feed on a single part that you’re wearing at each time, they usually cause massive holes in your fabrics. Although these insects typically harm carpets, they may also cause harm to your favorite bedding or clothes.

How And Why Are They Getting Inside?

There’s a good chance you’re wondering from where the carpet beetles originate from. Sometimes, they enter your home. Adults could be able to fly into your home through the window and deposit eggs in your carpet, clothing or even furniture. Like that, you may have an infestation. Carpet beetles will only enter your house if your windows and doors open or have holes in the screens.

The furniture you are using could bring these pests in your living space. If you purchase used furniture or clothes it is possible that you are introducing carpet beetles, or eggs to your home. Even if you are your efforts at saving money through purchasing second-hand items, you could cause damages to your property.

Carpet Beetle Prevention

To ensure that you’re not dealing with carpet beetle infestation, consider the following preventive steps:

  • Examine ScreensPeople tend to overlook the condition of their windows doors or window screens. Examine them frequently for signs of tears and tears, and replace them if they are damaged. If you love opening your windows but don’t have screens, replace them. If not, carpet beetles could be a problem and can get into your home.
  • Check Second-Hand items:You don’t need to give up the thrift shop, but you must be cautious in purchasing second-hand items. Before you take home any used clothing or furniture, be sure to check for evidence for carpet beetles. If there is any reason to suspect there’s beetles in the furniture, do not make the purchase.
  • Do not ignore a problem:One of the worst ways to avoid problems is to not pay attention to carpet beetles. If you do nothing concerning carpet beetles then they’ll continue eating your material and breed.

Be on the lookout for Carpet beetles and their eggs as well as holes that appear in the carpet. If you spot issues, contact an expert in pest control to get assistance. Pests can thrive when you do not take actions.

At Pittsburgh Pest Control, we employ the most efficient pest control techniques to eradicate carpet beetles. After we have identified the issue and taking the appropriate steps to ensure you don’t need to worry about the insects. Our technicians are equipped with the necessary tools and experience to do their job well and eliminate out any unwanted pests. To begin our ongoing pest control and prevention Call us now.

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