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What do ticks look like?

Ticks are an arachnid. Their primary source of nutrition is blood from their hosts. Ticks feed off various hosts, including humans as well as livestock, wild animals, and even pets. The most frequent ticks we encounter are those of the dog. They are characterized by the appearance of a soft body with they have a hard plate (scutum) that is located in the back, behind the mouthpieces that bite. Ticks are a common nuisance in outdoor areas, and because of their capacity to transmit diseases they should avoid contact with ticks as much as is possible.

Ticks that frequently take the place of Pennsylvania properties are:

American Dog Tick

A brown tick, with yellow or white markings on the body.

Brown Dog Tick

Brownish-red colored ticks that after feeding, transform into the color to grayish-blue

Blacklegged Ticks

Tiny ticks that have eyes of red and orange, as well as black legs.

Rocky Mountain Ticks

Brown ticks change to gray when they are engorged with blood

Are ticks dangerous?

Though small in terms of dimension, a tick’s bite can cause serious problems for humans as well as pets and the other pets. Ticks are slow, effective food sources that transmit diseases from hosts with ease. While ticks feed they transmit disease through their saliva.

Some examples of the diseases that these pests transmit are:

  • Anaplasmosis
  • Lyme disease
  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Tularemia

What is the reason I have an issue with ticks?

Ticks can be found in backyards and other outdoor spaces by slipping onto the back of an animal host. Once ticks have completed their food intake after which they are released from the host. Adult females are known to lay eggs in soil that is damp.

If the conditions in the environment are favorable even a few ticks that make it onto your property may result in a major population. Ticks rarely pose a problem in our homes because the majority of species cannot finish their life cycles without soil that is damp. One exception is that of the dog tick. they are able to reproduce indoors and cause an issue in the homes and offices.

Where can I find ticks?

Ticks are found in damp, dark areas under the vegetation, which provides them with the water they require as well as defense against predators. Ticks are active when temperatures are over 35 degrees Fahrenheit. that means ticks pose an issue all year long in Pennsylvania.

The most frequent places where ticks are found are under leaves, piles of other debris, within high vegetation, overgrown landscaping, and in the soil underneath bushes, shrubs and decks. Ticks are found in parks, yards or fields, campgrounds, and other outdoor spaces with plenty of plants to get a foothold within.

If it is in homes or other structures The brown dog tick usually hides behind baseboards and folds of furniture, rugs and cracks in floors.

How can I rid myself of ticks?

The ticks spread disease and you must take measures to limit their presence. To minimize your tick population on your Pittsburgh property, work with the experts of pest control from Pittsburgh Pest Control.

Our environmentally-friendly pest control solutions address the pest problem by using products which are safe for environment, children, as well as pets. We are proud to provide excellent customer service. our knowledgeable and professional staff will assist you to resolve your home’s pest issues. To find out more about our efficient tick control solutions, contact Pittsburgh Pest Control today!

How can I avoid ticks in the near future?

Follow the tips below to prevent problems with ticks:

  • Keep pets safe from becoming potential food supply for ticks. Put them on a tick prevention program under the guidance of their vet.
  • Always check yourself and your pets for ticks when you come inside after having spent time outside.
  • Make sure that tick-infested rodents are not on your property by taking down bird feeders, removing unfinished pet food and putting tightly-fitting lids over trash bins.
  • Maintain any grass that is in your yard, cut and maintain your the landscaping.
  • Get rid of ticks’ favorite hiding places from your yard . This includes piles of brush, leaves and other garbage.

Find out more details about pest control services for homes along with commercial pest management services.

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