It’s hard to miss the distinctive and loud sound of crickets chirping outside at night. While the sound of crickets chirping can be comforting for some, it can also make going to bed difficult for others.

Many cricket species exist, and most can make a chirping sound, despite differences in appearance. In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the most common crickets are the Mormon cricket and Dark Jerusalem cricket. These species come in a variety of colors, from black to brown to black to grey. They all have six legs and a pair antennae. They are larger and thicker than their front legs and have a similar body shape to grasshoppers.

Why are Crickets So Problematic?

Infestations usually begin when crickets enter homes to seek shelter in warm and humid areas. Infestations can also occur when crickets that are meant to be food for reptiles or other pets get out of control in the house. Indoors, crickets are more likely to be found around fireplaces and kitchens. Outside, they can often be found near woodpiles or mulch. They can eat everything, from silk and wool to pet food and vegetables.

One cricket can cause problems in your home if it gets in contact with you. Chewing on fabric and cloth items can cause damage to property and can even ruin crops, plants and gardens.

The biggest danger with crickets is the fact that they can spread diseases to humans. Although most of these diseases don’t cause death, they can often cause painful sores. Food contamination can also be caused by crickets living in your home.

Five Steps to Prevent Cricket

Preventing an infestation is the best way to protect your house. You should remember that even if you take preventative steps, it is possible to still get infested by crickets. However, these five steps can help you greatly reduce the likelihood of getting an infestation.

  1. You should fix broken screens or seal cracks in your walls to prevent access from leaking into your home.
  2. Crickets require a humid environment. Use a dehumidifier and repair any leaky plumbing.
  3. Adjust your outdoor lighting to make it less bright so that it points away from your home’s entrances and walls.
  4. Clear out excess clutter in your yard and within your home to make it easier for crickets to hide.
  5. Make sure your yard is free of leaves, water damaged wood, and other debris.

How to Get Rid Of Crickets

It is vital to get rid of crickets as soon as they enter your home. Pittsburgh Pest Control professionals can help you keep your family and yourself safe from these harmful pests. Each technician receives weekly training so they are ready to handle any pest problem.

Call us at 412 991 2693 to learn more about our cricket control services in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, or request a quote online.

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