If you’ve ever had them or just heard about the terrible stories of others, you’re already aware of how dangerous the consequences of a termite infestation could be. The destruction they cause can end up costing homeowners an enormous amount so the earlier you start the process is more effective than an ineffective intervention. Find out how to recognize the warning signs and learn the ways that professional pest control professionals will ensure your property is in good hands.

What To Know About Drywood Termites

Termites can be broken down into two broad categories drywood termites and dampwood termites. Most commonly, they termites are dampwood, and are generally outdoors pests that create tunnels into soils and like to hunt for the damp wood materials. Drywood termites on the contrary, do not target the wood that is waterlogged, and prefer to construct their tunnels in dry woods they attack. So while they’re less widespread, drywood termites may actually be more frequent infesting human homes. Because of the dry wood products which make up our buildings and homes they offer the biggest source of dry wood for the species. This is why nobody should just wait until a termite issue to show up. In the event that you wait, it could already be way too for you to wait.

Signs Of Termites & Where You Might Find Them

To prevent the damage that termites could cause, it is essential to be aware of tiny signs of the presence of termites. Naturally, any place where wood is exposed or easily accessible could be a prime target however, you must be aware that termites are not attracted to sunlight and are not often seen on the ground. The first step is to inspect the entire structure to find evidence of pests, or other things that draw them. Here are a few indicators of termite activity

  • Frass The dust termites leave behind is referred to as frass. Finding lines or piles of this fine powder indicates that a wood-boring insect has been present.
  • Holes Drywood termites tend leave holes in dampwood ones since they drill directly into wood to create their tunnels instead of relying through subterranean soils. But, they not to drill cleanly through wood, and therefore surface holes are difficult to find unless you are aware of where to examine.
  • Wings One of the early indications of termite colonies beginning to form is the disintegrated wings that have been left in the yard of termite swarmers, which serve as queens of reproduction in new colonies.

Termite Prevention Methods

Don’t forget, you’re not just seeking out evidence of termites It is also important to look for things that may lure them, or access points for them to enter your home. There are a few things to consider:

  • Crack seal Pests that are tiny like termites could profit from tiny holes and cracks in the exterior walls and foundation. Check regularly for cracks and repairs, and repair when needed.
  • Landscaping The smart planning along with regular trimming your lawn plants is another essential insect control method. Be sure that tree limbs and the soil bed are held from your home structures.
  • Storage for wood Regarding yard debris, storing wood trimmings, such as firewood, at a distance from your structure will increase the chances that termite colonies will not grow near to the structures.

The Best Thing To Do Is Call The Pros

Most people do not have the time or the resources to keep track with all the information constantly. Pest professionals step in, ensuring the signs that are easily missed are identified in the early stages and dealt with before they turn into major issues. In Pittsburgh Pest Control our helpful staff can arrange an appointment to inspect your home now, assisting you in determining your risk of being exposed to termite colonies that could be. If we spot signs of trouble or you believe that termites could be an issue We’ll begin immediately with efficient and safe treatment options to eliminate the colony and protect your home from further infestations. Get in touch with Pittsburgh Pest Control to begin today to get peace of mind Pest control services for your home.

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