Pigeons could be among the most shady reputations of all locally Pittsburgh bird species. But are they really deserving of the reputation? For all we know, when was the last time that you were assaulted by the pigeon? Although you may not be able to pinpoint the reason why people dislike pigeons, they are among the dirtiest and most dangerous birds on the planet.

Pigeon Habits And Habitats

Pigeons are usually gray with spots of greens or purples around their necks. They typically weigh less than one pound and are just a few inches long. They’re frequented in areas of significant human activity due to the fact that they’re heavily dependent on human garbage and food spills.

They also depend on humans for their most preferred places to nest. Although they are attracted to rural environments more than urban ones, including feed mills, barns, as well silos frequent buildings, parks, as well as bridges in urban environments. However, wherever these birds invading the area they are able to cause many problems.

When pigeons hunt for food sources in human waste, they be exposed to all kinds of illnesses they can transmit to humans, ranging including food poisoning and salmonella to cryptococcosis. Additionally, they’re recognized as carriers of other pests that are contaminated like lice, fleas and ticks.

Their feces, though toxic may also cause slippery walkways, which can lead to slips, spills and even injuries, but the dangers don’t end there. In addition to health issues they can also cause damage to buildings and homes. Pigeons that roost have been found to accelerate degeneration within any structure that cause damaging and costly damages in their wake.

Proper Pigeon Prevention

As pigeons pose such an extremely health risk being around them, keeping them out of your property must be top of the list. The first step in avoiding the presence of pigeons on your property is to make sure that they never are fed involuntarily. If you’re running a company be sure to deter people from feeding pigeons and make sure you don’t leave food that is easily accessible on the ground around your business or home.

As well as denying them ability to eat, they could try to make possible roosting area unsuitable. A majority of home and business owners depend heavily on glue or spikes, however, those who are more concerned about the environment may opt for alternative methods to create potential landing zones or transform potential resting spots into sloping, uncomfortable areas. Birds made of plastic and other fakes that try to act as a spooky eagle to pests aren’t able to outwit them for long, and so the majority of business and home owners are quickly frustrated when trying to control the pigeons.

It’s good news that Pittsburgh Pest Control is committed to protecting your business or home from. If you’re suffering from an existing issue with pigeons, don’t risk illness or risk in trying to get rid of these birds by yourself. Our expert pigeon removal service provides on-call technicians who can effectively eliminate the pigeons that are bothering you.

Additionally, we provide professional preventative solutions to ensure that these birds are kept away for long. By using environmentally friendly methods and skilled experts in bird control We can ensure that your property or home is protected from birds’ attacks. If you’re not satisfied with the outcome, we’ll gladly call you at the earliest time.

If you consider how different the outcomes of DIY pest control for pigeons can be, and the risk a pigeon population could be, it’s an easy choice. Call Pittsburgh Pest Control to start today.

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