How do you do as part of a team? Are you able to deal with criticism and modify plans as needed or do prefer to tackle problems independently to ensure that you’ll get the job done correctly? We are not able to speak for you however, we can represent insects. The tiny social insects seldom attempt to solve issues by themselves. Together with their colonies insects, they accomplish incredible feats like lifting objects that are many times their size and spotting holes on the outside of homes and bringing their companions into the home to cause problems. If you’re not happy with the thought of ants scurrying about inside the walls of your Pittsburgh home This is an effective method to keep the pests away.

Common Ants Around Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the home to a variety of species of Ants. They are all unique and have specific purposes when they are surrounded by their properties. Here are some common Ant species that you need to know about.

  • Fire ants imported from Red seldom visit the inside, but are extremely painful for those who live near their nests. In contrast to other species of ants that we have in our region fire ants have the ability to sting and a formidable jaw to bite. They are found in dry and sunny areas in your backyard.
  • Carpenter ants may not be the same destructive pests as termites, however they still pose a serious issue in homes where they cause damage. The larger, black, red or black and red bugs tunnel into the homes’ wood. The main difference between carpenter insects and termites is the fact that carpenter ants don’t eat wood, but instead consume the same kinds of food that humans eat.
  • Pharaoh ants are among the few species of ants across the globe that can spread disease. While rummaging through trash the ants take in a range of organisms that cause illness and spread them all over their homes. The most frequent diseases they transmit are staphylococcus and salmonellosis.
  • Pavement ants reside exactly where you’d imagine them to be, underneath and in the vicinity of the pavement. These tiny black ants can infiltrate cracks, expansion joints, heating pipes, weep holes and any other cracks that are present within the home’s exterior. Once inside, the pavement insects will do what all insects do, and search for water and food.

How To Start Preventing Ants

It doesn’t matter what kinds of insects are trying to gain entry inside your home; they everyone should be avoided. To keep out a range of dangerous, annoying and destructive species of ants around you Pittsburgh home, try these helpful tips:

  • Maintain your lawn and landscaping well-maintained, and deal with dry spots when they appear.
  • Cut back trees and bushes branches that surround your home’s exterior so that light can shine through the foundation.
  • Remove water sources on your property.
  • Take away clutter and other debris the area around your yard.
  • Repair or replace damaged water-damaged decaying, rotting, or wood structures around your house and outbuildings.
  • Check that your drains, gutters and out spouts are clean and functioning in the way they are supposed to.
  • Fix leaky pipes or fixtures. Also, you should be aware of the indoor humidity.
  • Utilize a caulking gun, or other glue to seal the gaps and cracks on outside of your house.
  • Repair damaged or incorrectly installed screen doors or windows Door sweeps, window screens, and weatherstripping.
  • Clean out your kitchen cabinets clean under furniture and appliances Do the best you can ensure that your place is as neat as you can.

If you require additional assistance in in removing or preventing the ants take advantage of the expertise in Pittsburgh Pest Control involved. You deserve the very best in regards to dealing with annoying, dangerous and destructive ants nobody does it better than Pittsburgh Pest Control. Let us help you find the pest control solution that is best suited to your and your home’s specific requirements. Contact us via Pittsburghs Pest Control through our website for more details or to schedule a visit to your Pittsburgh property and home.

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