There’s a reason that pigeons are often referred to for being “sky rats.” As with the rodents that are the most offensive that they are, pigeons could cause harm and spread diseases everywhere they travel. They’re not particularly dangerous, but they could be difficult to out of the way without the proper method. If you believed that pigeons were not something you’d need to control pests in Pittsburgh for then it’s the right time to get educated about how to control pigeons in Pittsburgh.

What You Should Know About Pigeons

Pigeons are so ubiquitous that they are frequently ignored as a nuisance rather than as a nuisance. While the color of pigeons can differ between birds, most pigeons have gray feathers with black bands on their wings and feet that are red. Pigeons are typically 11 inches long from its beak all the way to the point of its tail feathers.

Similar to rodents, cockroaches and other insects, pigeons depend on human beings to eat. They can be found pecking at seeds and crumbs but also enjoy slurping themselves on whatever food they find. However, without the appropriate tools to grab and eat food, pigeons are likely to spread their food all around, attracted by other pests. While pigeons are generally thought of as being residents of large city parks but they are located in barns and warehouses in rural areas and.

Are Pigeons Dangerous?

Many people are aware enough to take a pigeon in and hug it, but they pose more dangers than you think. The pigeon’s reputation as an unclean, disease-carrying nuisance is true. The birds do not just spread cryptococcosis, salmonellosis, and toxoplasmosis. However, they frequently carry parasites such as fleas, mites and ticks that can cause various diseases also.

If you’ve ever been with pigeons, then you’re aware they’re prolific pissers. Many people who aren’t aware of it have had their days turn between bad and worse after being bombarded by the droppings of the pigeon that was passing by. Their waste is a cause of slips and falls, but it can also be extremely damaging to structures. Over time, pigeon droppings can corrode metal and weaken wood.

How To Prevent Pigeons

It may require some effort however, you can stop the roosting of pigeons around your home. Here are some suggestions on howto:

  • Make sure that food is not accessible to them. Pigeons are attracted by food and are likely to gather on your property when food is readily available. Make sure that all garbage bins are closed securely and keep them away from your property or office. Get rid of any food waste left that you eat outside, and ensure that pet food is not left outside.
  • Creates a frightful environment. Identify areas where birds roost and relax like roofs, awnings, balconies, ledges, and rafters. Install spikes of metal or porcupine wire to keep pigeons away from coming to land.
  • Stop indoor entry. Make sure pigeons are kept out of the house by blocking windows, vents, or any other open spaces on your property. You can secure these areas by screens or netting as needed. Don’t forget to cover your chimney, too.
  • Get rid of water-based sources. Pigeons will take advantage of puddles and bird baths to clean themselves. By dumping out water that is stagnant around your property could lower the chance of pigeons settling in your property.

When pigeons begin to settle in, they are difficult to remove by yourself. However, the experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control have the knowledge and experience to eradicate your pigeon problem effectively. Our skilled technicians will conduct thorough inspections of your home and offer a safe, efficient and sustainable treatment. After your birds have been removed humanely and removed, we’ll make periodic follow-up visits to make sure that your property is free of pests all year. If you’ve found pigeons on the property of your Pittsburgh residence, you shouldn’t put it off. Contact us right now.

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