Have you ever removed a tick from your body? If so, you’re aware of that creepy crawly feeling isn’t going completely. It’s a constant nagging sensation inside your head. It’s likely to feel as if you’re lying in couch, sleeping in your bed or through your clothes. If you like to go outdoors in the nature, or just outside in your yard there is a greater chance of coming across ticks. If you’ve heard anything about these tiny parasites and know that they’re not enjoyable! They are a danger for animals and humans as well as can be adept at taking blood and not being observed. Here’s what you should be aware of in order to ensure ticks aren’t gnawing at the people living on your Pittsburgh property.

Tick Attractants On Your Pittsburgh Property

They are small creatures and don’t require much to feel content. If they are looking for a place for their home, the insects only focus on two things: how many humans and animals there are to consume and the amount of shade or cover available to ensure they are safe and cool. Finding foods to eat might be simple since wildlife are all over the place. Shade and shelter are somewhat harder to locate in particular on homes that are well-maintained.

Dangers Associated With Ticks

Have you heard about the dangers of blood that is contaminated? That’s why doctors only utilize needles for a single time and ensure that they are clean before treating patients. A mosquito can be the most deadly species on earth and is responsible for the deaths of more than one million people annually. This is the reason that ticks pose a risk for you and your family. The kind of diseases they carry and spread is dependent on the species they belong to. In Pittsburgh we are home to American ticks for dogs as well as Rocky Mountain ticks, and black-legged ticks. Here are some diseases you could be afflicted by these parasites.

  • Rocky Mountain spotted fever
  • Lyme’s disease
  • Powassan disease
  • Borrelia miyamotoi
  • Borrelia mayonii
  • Babesiosis
  • Anaplasmosis
  • Ehrlichiosis
  • Heartland virus
  • Tularemia

How Ticks Get Onto Their Hosts

ticksare not the most mobile of creatures. They don’t crawl as fast they cannot fly, and are not able to jump. They are adept in climbing up over at the very top of high grasses as well as other plants and waiting for an animal to pass by. If your yard is covered in large grass, thick undergrowth, or any other tall plants, you’ll be more likely to encountering ticks.

Tips For Tick Prevention

We’ve confirmed that ticks aren’t something you would want infesting your Pittsburgh property, let’s talk about the methods you can use to prevent them from coming into your home. Here are some prevention suggestions that our experts suggest you begin with.

  • Eliminating thick undergrowth, such as leaves, sticks, and thorns on your property
  • If you cut your grass once per week, put your mower at a low speed.
  • Eliminating water-related sources on your property
  • Cutting back hedges, bushes and other plants where ticks could attempt to hide
  • Consider investing in top-quality tick and flea collars to your outdoor pet.
  • Avoid walking in the tall grass, or any other area where ticks may be hiding
  • The pant legs should be tucked into socks prior to getting into tick-filled areas

Professional Tick Control With Pittsburgh Pest Control

If you are concerned about the dangers of ticks, it is essential to be doing everything you can to ensure that these pests are not on your property. One way to make sure ticks aren’t a problem is hiring an experienced pest control company. To get the most effective pest control Pittsburgh offers, contact our team at Pittsburgh Pest Control. We’re committed to protecting the residents of our region from pests that pose danger We would be delighted to utilize our expertise and knowledge as well as botanically organically produced products on your property. Our methods can be used safely by children as well as pets So you can be at ease knowing that you are safeguarding your family’s wellbeing in every way. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with our methods for controlling ticks.

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