The ants of Pittsburgh are nuisances, but just one among the local ants is risky. Fire ants are ants that are not native to the area which can pose danger to you as well as the ecosystem around it. Learn more about how these critters can be harmful to the human population and the natural environment.

What Are Fire Ants?

Like all non-native species, fire ants arrived and gradually began to take over. They have displaced native ant colonies and create disturbances in the ecology.

From from a from a distance, fireants look similar to other Pittsburgh insects. They are tiny and have a reddish-reddish color but some may appear darker in color than black. Contrary to the other local ants that are found in the area, these Invaders come with a stinger that injects a victim who is not aware of it with poison. Mandibles are used to gnaw on prey or an individual which then stings to inject a deadly poison.

In most cases, you’ll be aware that you’re dealing in the fire ant once it starts to sting you. You may also be able to identify the ant’s behaviour. When fire ants invading their territory, they form colonies that can be found in miles. There are several queens making the elimination of fire ants difficult.

The True Dangers Of Fire Ants

Do not let the diminutive size of fire ants fool you. While these ants aren’t an intimidating appearance or size but they are stingy. bite. If a fire ant stings you, there’s a quick reaction. There’s a chance that you’ll experience pain that disappears after a few minutes or hours, but you’ll be stung.

Although one fire ant sting may not seem like much trouble, it is likely that you will get several stings at each time. The stings of fire ants are repeated and a number of ants could join together. If you walk on a mound , or even attack the colony, thousands of ants might strike.

Certain people experience a reaction to the venom of fire ants. Similar to bee allergies an allergy to fire ants has serious health implications. Based on the way you react to bites of fire ants they could require immediate medical care. A small portion of people that are bitten by fire ants, the reaction can cause death.

Taking Over Your Yard

Another issue with fire ants is they create nests all over the place. If fire ants appear in your yard, they will continue to discover nests. Even if you do everything to keep from damaging the nests, you will not be capable of. Pets and children will almost certainly encounter the insect bites.

DIY (DIY) methods for fire ant removal aren’t doing well, which is why you have to engage professionals. If you wish to avoid the need to remove ants You can take various steps to keep fire ants away. This can include:

  • Removal of Debris Pile:If you make piles of trash in your backyard, get rid of them up as quickly as you can.
  • Rake LeavesEven the fact that you’re not able to sweep your entire yard try to do a rake around all around your house. If you don’t the leaves, along with other debris can draw fire insects.
  • Close Garbage cansLike many other kinds of insects, fire ants hunt for the food that you throw inside your trash. To reduce the appeal of your garbage to these creatures, put it in containers that have tight lids.

Work With A Professional

If you’re looking to stop fire ants or wish to get rid of the problem, you’ll need expert advice. At Pittsburgh Pest Control, we are aware of how hazardous fire ants can be and we’re here to help you. Our team utilizes efficient and safe methods to get rid of all fire ants that are on your property and ensure they don’t come back. If you’re keen to begin with efficient anti-ant management, call us now.

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