Do you love your home and, if yes what is the reason? What are your top things about your home? A hot tub that is located on the deck off the back? A shower that has incredible pressure? Perhaps the thing that you appreciate the most about your house is that it’s yours to make whatever you like with it. As humans, these aspects are significant to us. For insects, the only thing that is important to them is to be healthy and safe. All of the amenities aside, if your home is temperature-controlled, stocked with food, and has accessible water, pests will want to live with you. The trick is to put the right measures in place to prevent it before bugs like arachnids and rodents, or bats have any new concepts. Here’s how that you go about this.

Pests Are A Year-Round Problem

There’s never a moment when one or the other pest isn’t seeking ways to get to get into your home. Here are a few of the most frequent pests in Pittsburgh and the time of year they prefer to infest homes.

  • AntsThere is a variety of species of ants in Pittsburgh. Some are stingy, while others cause damage to wood, but all of them are nuisances within homes. Ants can invade homes at any time during the year, but they tend to be more active into homes at the end of the fall and winter months in order to stay out of the colder temperatures.
  • Bed bugs:Bed bug are tiny parasites that rely on human blood for survival. To move about they ride on objects that individuals carry. It is more likely for you to have a bed bug problem in times when travelers are often on the move like during holidays or in summer.
  • Rodents They are both annoying dangerous and destructive nuisances. The two most commonly encountered rodents who invade homes in Pittsburgh are rats and mice. The thing that makes these rodents distinct is the fact that they prefer be in homes instead of outside. This makes rats and mice all year round pests.
  • CricketsCrickets have a reputation for loud, booming chirping and the ability to travel across long distances. Within homes, crickets transmit diseases and keep homeowners entertained with their harsh night songs. It is most likely that you will be battling a problem with crickets in the winter and fall.
  • TermsitesTermites is a pest that destroys wood which cost Americans more than five billion dollars per year. If the wood that is in your house is damaged by water or rotting, or is in decay, you are more susceptible to problems with termites. Since termites dwell beneath or within the walls of homes and remain out of their environment, they are likely to be pests that live all year.

The Best Way To Handle Pest Problems

There are two options to tackle a pest issue. It is possible to wait for issues related to pests to occur and address each issue on a case-by-case basis, or take preventative steps today to ensure pests don’t have the ability to gain entry to cause trouble. We’ve found that this option is more affordable and provides greater security against the danger and destruction that pests can bring to the homes of homeowners.

If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly solution to pest control we provide top-of-the-line services with Pittsburgh Pest Control. Our team believes that pest control shouldn’t be hazardous for pets or people. This is why we utilize the most natural and organically produced, botanically based treatments and eco-friendly methods for exclusion and elimination of pests that are as efficient as conventional methods. There is no need pick between well-being of our planet or an insect-free house; you are able to have both. All you need to do is call us the number Pittsburgh Pest Control! One of our helpful experts will help you navigate the various options and assist you to choose the one that best fits your requirements.

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