It can be difficult to run a business and own it. While you do your best to minimize issues and maximize efficiency, there are always bumps along the way. Pest problems are a major problem that Pittsburgh business owners face. Here are some tips to help you protect your business and assets from dangerous and invasive pests.

Common Pest Problems for Businesses

Different pests love to infest different types of businesses. These are the pests most commonly found in Pittsburgh, along with the establishments they prefer:

  • Rodents: Rats and mice are a problem for restaurant owners. These pests are filthy and can spread disease. Rodents are likely to seek out your business if you handle food.
  • Cockroaches in nature: These pests are responsible for destroying decaying and rotting organisms. These pests can be found in businesses and are attracted to areas that aren’t cleaned up regularly. These pests are most common in factories and restaurants.
  • Bed Bugs: You can find bed bugs anywhere you go. These hitchhiking insects use the items we carry around to travel. A bed bug can travel anywhere from a backpack and a sofa. These pests usually settle in areas where people sleep. These pests are more likely to be found in establishments that provide overnight accommodation, such as hotels, motels, and other lodging establishments.
  • Termites: Termites don’t discriminate between businesses they infest. These hungry pests only care that buildings are at least partially made of wood. Your business property is susceptible to termite infestation if it is not entirely made of concrete, brick, and stone.

These are only a few of the most problematic pests found in our region. We could make a long list of all pests that could pose a problem for your Pittsburgh business. But that would be a waste of time.

Your reputation and pests

Pests flying and crawling around your business speaks volumes about your ability to manage it. No! Everyday, pests can ruin a business’ reputation. One mouse in your restaurant’s dining room can land you on the front cover of the local paper. A few cockroaches found in your shipments and you will be forced to close down your business for a month. Pests are bad news for businesses.

How Pittsburgh Pest Control Deals with Pests

Pittsburgh Pest Control understands how important it is to keep your home and reputation pest-free. We offer local businesses pest exclusion and detailed pest elimination services . We can tailor our pest control plans to meet the needs of your business, no matter how small or large. We believe that custom care is the best way to ensure peak performance. We are available when you need us to help you find the right solution. Call us or contact us via our website to discuss your options.

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