There is nothing that puts fear in the hearts of Pittsburgh homeowners more than discovering that a colony termites has been able to get in and is eating away at the wood structures that make up their house. Fears of the beams breaking and floors falling down can make a person get up in the late at night in a sweat. It’s a panic attack when you start thinking about the amount will be required to address the issue.

Destructive Termites And The Damage They Cause In Pittsburgh

They are also known for their “silent destroyers,” the termite is known for sending their explorators (swarmers) into a variety of habitats throughout the world. Their color ranges from white and creamy to light brunette and black. In general, they possess an elongated, narrow oval-shaped body which can vary in size between one-quarter” to 1″. Two species of termites are prevalent in the Pittsburgh region. The descriptions of their species and the harm they do are as follows:

  • Subterranean termites are among the most frequent termites in Pittsburgh and are known to cause the most harm. They create distinctive tunnels known as”mud tubes. Mud tubes form the transportation road they use to get to food sources as well as to shield their lungs from air pollution. They consume wood throughout the day, seven days per week, making use of their saw-toothed jaws take small pieces of wood one by one. Damage to buildings that is severe could ultimately lead to a complete collapse.
  • Drywood termites are a favorite . . . Dry wood. They can eat through floors, support beams and walls. They do not require soil for transport because they can build nests in roofing materials and wooden wall supports as well as attic frames. They can be easily moved to other houses by means of picture frames, furniture and picture frames. Dry wood lying around the yard could be a great attraction.

Many homeowners try to fix termite issues by themselves. There are natural remedies like orange oil, vinegar exposure to sunlight and cardboard traps that are soaked with water. Chemical alternatives are borax (powder treatment) along with other sprays available at your department stores. If you don’t know the species of termite it is possible to waste your time and your money. Even with a correct identification, many available solutions provide temporary results.

Six Prevention Techniques To Help Ward Off Pittsburgh Termites

There are many preventative measures homeowners can adopt to prevent termites from invading their homes. The best steps to stop an infestation before it occurs are listed below:

  1. Beware of water accumulation close to the foundation. (It is recommended to divert the flow of water away from your home by using gutters, downspouts or splash blocks).
  2. Make sure that the crawl space by installing the proper ventilation.
  3. Don’t bury wood waste or other debris in your backyard.
  4. Keep scrap wood and firewood at least 20 feet away from your home.
  5. Make sure there is a” space between the ground and any wood parts of a structure.
  6. Repair crevices and cracks in the foundation of your home.

Pittsburgh Pest Control- Exterminating Professionals

The only way to eliminate an active termite problem is to contact a professional. Pittsburgh Pest Control has been helping people in Pittsburgh since the year 2012. Call us now to schedule an assessment of the condition of your house by a qualified termite exterminator. Pittsburgh Pest Control specializes in identifying and finding infestations. Pittsburgh Pest Control is pleased to offer treatment options that are tailored to your requirements. Our customers will be able to rest in assurance that the service is provided by Pittsburgh Pest Control has an annual warranty as well as an inspection following our bait and liquid treatments.

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