The most difficult pest to control and eliminate is the ant. They begin as subterranean, outdoor insects that don’t cause any noticeable problems. It can be too late for them to be stopped once their colonies reach a size that allows them to escape indoors. This is why expert assistance and early prevention are the best ways to protect your property from ant infestations. Every Pittsburgh property owner should find out how they can help prevent these pests spreading.

Pittsburgh is home to many ants

Although most ants are harmless, such as the sugar ants and pavement ants, there are other ant species that can pose a threat to your home and property. These are the most common ant species that you need to be aware of:

  • Carpenter Ants – They are similar to other small, black varieties of ants but behave very differently. They can damage the structure of buildings and other structures if they aren’t controlled.
  • The Pharaoh Ants – Often yellowed or tannish brown in color, pharaohs are dangerous due to the diseases they carry.
  • Fire Ants – Tiny and bright, these tiny bugs are serious business. Fire ants can cause allergic reactions by stinging their backs with their painful rear stingers.

Why Ants are so difficult to control

Even if you have the less harmful species of ants, an infestation should not be taken lightly. They can get into your property in ways that larger pests cannot. Ants use a caste system to hide their queens deep underground. This means that even store-bought chemical treatments won’t always be enough to eradicate an entire colony. They often cover up the problem, and pests find new places to infest. You can be in danger if you try to find the cause of dangerous pests such as fire ants. Pest control professionals can remove the pest population safely and effectively.

We help with ant prevention

All types of ants will be attracted to the food, water and shelter on your property. Early prevention is better than trying to solve problems later. Although DIY methods cannot be used to eradicate an existing population, there are steps you can take that will reduce the likelihood of them returning.

  • Food Storage Keeping food in sealed containers and areas is a great way to ensure that ants don’t get attracted to food smells.
  • Deep Cleaning – A few crumbs, or even a trace of sugary substances can be enough to kill a tiny ant. You need to clean up spills from day-to-day meals and daily consumption.
  • Trash Storage – All your concern about food storage and scraps won’t be of any use if pests have access to your trash can. Your waste should be kept secure both indoors and out.

Even the best-maintained homes can be infested by ants. Pittsburgh Pest Control specializes in not only treating existing pest problems but also protecting your property from future infestations. Our specialists can identify which ant species are affecting your home and how they got in. Every situation is unique and each treatment plan is tailored to your needs. Our products are safe for pets and tough for ants.

Effective Ant Control for Your Property

There is no way to guarantee you won’t get them. These pests, which are tiny and expert invaders, are attracted to homes for a variety reasons. It’s possible to not notice if you have an ant colony until it’s too late. This is why professional inspections are the best way for your property to be protected. Pittsburgh Pest Control offers pest control that is both effective and timely. Contact Pittsburgh Pest Control to get the true pest control in Pittsburgh.

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