There aren’t many pests which can destroy an outdoor gathering more quickly than mosquitoes. There’s nothing that these bugs enjoy more than wrecking events and stealing food. By food, we’re talking about blood of people. If you’re exhausted of fighting mosquitoes off your body and trying to find a way to stop these bothersome and dangerous insects off the Pittsburgh property Here are some suggestions that will surely help.

Understand Your Enemy

Mosquitoes are unique pests. They can fly, which is not the case with other blood-feeding pests such as ticks and fleas. They lay hundreds of eggs regularly and can spot the possibility of a blood meal from more than 160 feet away. These factors makes these insects the most widespread and aggravating of all pests found in the outdoors.

Assess Your Risk

Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying They can also be extremely hazardous. What is the danger? In all measures they’re the deadliest species on earth and are responsible for more than 1 million human deaths every year. The majority of deaths happen in third world countries , where treatments for mosquito-borne diseases are more difficult to access. While fatalities are less frequent within the United States, getting sick due to a bite from mosquitoes is still a real possibility. The most frequent diseases that mosquitoes carry around within America include chikungunya West Nile virus, and Zika virus.

Put In Place Prevention

Mosquitoes aren’t circling your home for no reason. If they are around they are likely to have something in the vicinity that attracts them. The majority of mosquitoes are drawn to houses because of stagnant water sources where they can lay eggs. If you have a beautiful pool or birdbaths on your property be sure to change the water at least each day for the next four. Additionally do a stroll around your property and remove areas that have standing water. To prevent the pests from laying eggs in a pond within your home, consider investing in mosquito fish.

The first thing to know is the fact that mosquitoes can be slow in flying and are unable to landing when there is some breeze. This is why we recommend installing fans in the outdoor areas that are covered for lounging.

If you’re planning on leaving your home and you suspect that mosquitoes might be in the area you, follow these self-prevention strategies.

  • Dress in lighter-colored clothing.
  • Wear long sleeves and sleeved tops. pants.
  • Apply insect repellent to your clothing and skin.
  • Do not leave your home between dusk and dawn.
  • Don’t exercise in mosquito-infested zones.

Studies have also revealed that people with Type O blood tend to be more attractive to mosquitoes and are more likely to get at risk of being bitten. If this is your situation We’re sorry however we hope that this will help explain why mosquitoes prefer you over your fellow mosquitoes.

Know When To Call A Professional

Based what species you are, mosquitoes can fly from 300 feet to 3 miles and not land. If you don’t have a huge property and make sure you regularly remove sources of water accumulation, or persuade all your neighbors to implement prevention strategies that you can’t truly be free from mosquito-related issues.

The best way to stop mosquitoes from entering your home is to make an investment in ongoing professional services for abatement, provided by Pittsburgh Pest Control. We only use natural products free of chemical residues and believes in a more holistic approach to controlling pests within the property. From top-quality services to friendly professionals you can trust Our team provides everything your home needs to combat pests that can be dangerous and annoying.

Contact us or visit our website at any time to ask concerns regarding our mosquito control service or to arrange an appointment for the Pittsburgh property.

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