If you can overcome the fact that they sting people and cause allergic reactions You may discover that they’re truly impressive creatures. The bees of Pittsburgh have a particular quality to them and play a vital function in the world. But this doesn’t mean you must allow bees to roam freely in your home. Find all you should know about getting rid of bees and taking care of the earth.

Bees In Pittsburgh

There are a variety of honeybees in the region There’s one species you must take extreme measures to stay clear of. This is the Africanized honeybee an extremely aggressive species that’s been bringing in from outside. It isn’t afraid to attack because it regards any dark, large object as a danger.

In contrast, European honey bees are more gentle, yet they present a risk. Bees can be a threat to anyone. to cause the onset of an allergy. If you’re allergic to bees you might require immediate medical attention following the bug bite. There is a chance of having an unfathomable reaction You shouldn’t take chances of getting hurt.

In this regard you must be aware that bees are indispensable to the ecosystem. Being excellent pollinators, they are a vital part of the natural world. Without bees, there would be no more vegetables, fruits and wildflowers. Both humans and animals depend on bees for pollination of the food they eat. Humans also would have to be able to survive without honey.

Keeping The Balance

If you are looking to eliminate honeybees off your Pittsburgh home, you can accomplish this without harming the environmental environment. Apart from using a green pest control service to get rid of the bees, you could make steps to stop bees from entering your home at all. Instead of constructing the nest in your backyard it is better to build in a safe area.

To keep bees out of your property, follow these things:

  • Keep Your Garden to plants that aren’t blooming:One of the biggest mistakes that gardeners can make is to plant too many flowers in their garden. As you’ve already guessed, bees search for flowers. The sight of a garden filled with flowers is hard for them to ignore and they’ll search for areas to nest close to your home. If you’re still looking for to have a flower-filled garden however, you could compromise by keeping them away from your house or outside living spaces. There’s a lower chance of having bees hive in your yard in a garden that is remote.
  • proper trash storageAlthough bees are fond of flowers, they’re naturally attracted by sweets. This is why the garbage bins so attractive to the bees of Pittsburgh. In any trash bin there is many sweet items and beverages. Old fruit, cans of soda and dessert crumbs draw insects closer to your home. If you close your trash cans and jars, you’ll make it less likely that bees will enter your home. Purchase a trash container with a lid that is sealed securely and you may not have as many bees around.
  • Trim ShrubsKeeping your hedges and trims neat is a great method to stop bees from entering. If you’re not surrounded by plants, bees will have fewer places to build their nests. This can also help keep other insects away.

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At Pittsburgh Pest Control, we would like you to have an enjoyable and safe backyard. We also want to do our part for the environment, so we offer an environmentally-friendly method of bee control and removal. Because we have years of experience, we have been able to come up with a safe and effective way to keep bees away. You’ll be protected from bees, without causing harm to the delicate ecosystem. If you’re interested in knowing more, contact us right now.

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