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What do silverfish look like?

The silvery scales covering their bodies and hopping from one location to place in an edgy, fish-like way It is evident why silverfish got their name. But, they aren’t an aquatic animal and are more a species of insect that has large requirements for moisture. Silverfish can be found all year round and are known to move into structures whenever the outdoors does not meet the basic necessities of water, food and shelter.

Silverfish’s physical characteristics are:

  • A shaped body, shaped like a carrot, with a tapered, with a large, rounded head which is bigger than the tail
  • Long antennae
  • Insufficient wings
  • Gray or brownish body, encased with silvery scales
  • Three bristle-like appendages that extend from the rear of the body

Are silverfish dangerous?

Silverfish living within your home is an indication that your home is suffering from damages from water or other insects are in the area. If the silverfish can get to enter your house, then other pests are likely to do the same. Additionally, they live in humid areas. If they’re inside your house you could experience water damage due to leaky pipes or poor ventilation. Apart from silverfish, humidity attracts other insects that like moisture into your home.

Silverfish pose no immediate threat for people. They don’t bite or sting neither are they recognized for their ability to spread diseases.

What’s the reason for an issue with silverfish?

Silverfish migrate into homes to search for water and food. If it is too dry and hot outside they move in search of more comfortable living conditions. Because silverfish are outdoors typically in the surrounding landscape around our houses, it is very easy to migrate into the interior through cracks in our foundation or spaces beneath doors.

When they get inside, they migrate to damp areas, typically storage areas, and are a menace because they eat things like clothes, paper books, book bindings, food items that are stored, as well as other things that are starchy.

Where can I find silverfish?

Silverfish are attracted to damp, cool areas inside homes and other structures that they have invaded for example:

  • Basements
  • Kitchens
  • Rooms for utility
  • Laundry rooms
  • Closets
  • Crawlspaces
  • Pantries

How can I eliminate silverfish?

Do not let the silverfish enter your home, unattended for another day. Work with the pest control experts on Pittsburgh Pest Control. Our environmentally-friendly pest control services are the best way to remove silverfish and other bugs out of your Pennsylvania home and prevent them from coming back.

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How can I avoid getting silverfish from happening in the future?

Utilize the following prevention strategies to prevent problems with silverfish

  • Reduce the amount of moisture within your home. Utilize dehumidifiers to keep basements dry, and ventilate fans in bathrooms.
  • Repair leaking pipes.
  • Check the foundation of your house as well as the door and window frames and entry points for utility services. Cover any openings that lead to your home that you see.
  • Eliminate any litter of leaves or moist mulch that touches the foundation of your house.
  • Silverfish that are not needed in the landscaping can be a secluded place to hide, such as logs, rocks, and landscaping tie.
  • Place recycling bins and trash bins high off the ground, away from the outside of your house.

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