Pittsburgh properties are the most frequent targets for insects all year round due to the warmer climate . the need to be vigilant in this region to keep your home safe from any kind of pest who never cease to invade.

Pittsburgh Pests to Look Out For

There are a variety of home-invading pests within the Pittsburgh region that you have be on the lookout for. If left unattended, they can turn to an issue, they may cause serious damage or pose the risk to your home.

  • Cockroaches
  • Bed Bugs
  • Termites
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions
  • Rodents

All of them are likely to visit your property seeking shelter or in search of food. That’s why year-round prevention and management methods are the most effective method to keep pests away from opening a business.

Your Pest Prevention Tips

There are many simple steps you can follow to stop pests from invading the interior of your Pittsburgh home:

  1. Clean your home thoroughly to clear out areas that pests could get into. Be sure to pay particular focus to dark, cool places like garages basements, attics the back of closets and under appliances that are heavy. Also, you should wear gloves as you scrub to ensure that no bugs or spiders are already lurking in your home.
  2. Get your yard clean by getting rid of any rubbish or piles of rubbish. Keep the lawn trimmed to prevent bugs from hiding in cold places and keep any firewood you have within 10 to 15 feet from your house. Make sure you check behind outbuildings, and keep them clean in all the areas of your property.
  3. Food containers and trash must be sealed and stored to stop the smell from spilling out and draw insects. This is crucially important for outside pet food and trash containers, since they can draw in some of the most desirable pests, such as cockroaches and rodents. If you live in your home, be sure you clean up any food debris and spills immediately.
  4. Inspect your home for entrance points, this means checking for cracks in doors, windows as well as your home’s foundation. Also, replace any weather stripping which appears worn out and replace screen doors or window covers that have been ripped.
  5. Moisture plays a significant role in the attraction of pests to your home and the property. Inspect the exterior of your home for leaks, and then seal them. It is also advisable to do the same in your house and make sure that your bathrooms and basements are properly ventilation so that moisture doesn’t accumulate. Be sure to clean out your gutters, since they are prone to accumulating with attractive water to pests.
  6. Pests can be attracted by outdoor lighting. If you have this lighting around your home, you might be interested in changing to amber-colored bug lights or a light that is motion-activated so that pests don’t get to gather around lights each night.

Tip#7- Professional Pest Prevention

Alongside our other recommendations in addition to our other suggestions, among our other recommendations, most effective method of pest control is continuous support with Pittsburgh Pest Control experts. The professionals are able to assess the pest issue on your property and offer precise, effective solutions which will keep your home safe from pests that can be a nuisance all year long.

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