A total of 1,500 rodent species are found currently, which makes the largest group of mammals. There are many examples of rodents, such as gophers, rats, mice and squirrels, which can be available in a range of sizes and shades. One of the most common traits that rodents share is the constant growing incisors that are sharp teeth that bite into materials.

In Pennsylvania one of the rodents most commonly found that invade properties are pack rats. Sometimes called trade rats or woodrats, the pack rat is commonly found in forests, deserts, and mountainous regions with rocky mountains. They typically weigh about 8 ounces, and have eight inches of body length and a tail which can range from 3 to 8 inches.

The pack rats, which are furry animals with shades of brown or grey generally, they have a white underbelly as well as large ears. The pack rat does not dependent upon water sources and can sustain its own needs through the tiny amounts of water present in the food they consume. They behave similarly to roof rats and they often invade attics, in search of insulation as well as other kinds of materials to build nests. They may also be heard wandering around at night.

The Problems That These Pests Can Cause

It is highly unlikely these rodents will strike or display any aggressive behavior towards humans. However, the pack rats frequently carry parasites, and contaminate surfaces and food items through urine and feces and can spread leptospirosis Tularemia, and various other diseases.

The pack rats can also cause costly property damage through chewing on wiring, drywall and other similar materials. In recent times, rats are increasingly in the engine compartments of vehicles and causing costly damage to electrical and electronic components. Since females are able to have numerous litters of offspring every year, the problem could rapidly grow.

How Can I Prevent Pack Rats?

The most effective methods of prevention comprise:

  • Repair as soon as possible any entry points like openings in the roof, foundations or damaged siding on your home.
  • Maintain excellent cleaning habits by regularly cleaning up any crumbs, putting leftovers in sealed containers and taking bowls of uncooked pet food.
  • Food scraps in trash bags must be put in a receptacle that has an effective lid.
  • Maintain and clean up the exterior trash areas , and then move bird feeders off the structure.

The Importance Of Seeking Assistance From A Pest Control Professional

A few local Pittsburgh homeowners are unable to recognize the early indicators of a rodent infestation. Many underestimate the capacity of rodents to build nesting areas and reproduce rapidly within a short few weeks.

Retailers in the region promote numerous DIY rodent treatment alternatives, including repellent formulas, baiting stations and even gimmicky ultra-sonic sound generating devices. Unfortunately, these options are more preventative, and could be ineffective against the existing population of rodents deep-rooted in difficult-to-access indoor spaces.

We at Pittsburgh Pest Control, we offer complete solutions for people facing rodents who employ a methodical approach. It could include trapping rodents and adjustments to prevent exclusion as well as post-infestation sanitary treatments to eliminate rodent-related contaminates from excrement.

Experienced Provider Of Pest Control Solutions In Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Pest Control is an established, family-owned business that has a solid reputation in the local community. We’ve been providing positive results for homeowners who are fighting scorpions, ants as well as stinging insects and many other undesirable creatures which could pose dangers to health and cause damage to the property.

As a completely “green” company, our commitment to sustainable operations is one of our top goals and is evident in our choice of products made from botanical as well as organic resources. We are active in the local and national arenas and participate in industry events as well as educational programs facilitated through the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) as well as other organizations that promote improvements and security.

For an appointment for an on-site inspection, contact our office now. Be aware that our staff is frequently ready for immediate assistance for people with urgent concerns.

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