If you’re spending any time outside, you’re not a stranger to ticks. However, these pests can be found anywhere in the world and even the backyard of your home. Find out how you can protect your home and yourself from the threat of ticks by reading this guide on control ticks within Pittsburgh.

What Ticks Live In Pittsburgh?

Three kinds of ticks are typically encountered in Pittsburgh. There’s firstly, the brown tick of the dog. Like the name suggests, this tick typically consumes dogs. Sometimes, they select humans as their host and food source. However, unlike many different ticks one doesn’t pose any threat to humans. It’s mainly a nuisance which poses no health risk to pets.

Then, there’s an American dog tick. While they can be nuisances, these ticks can be dangerous. They feed on both dogs and humans and have been known to transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If you’re afflicted, you’ll be very sick. The ticks prefer to hide in the armpits of people and so the majority of people don’t discover them until they latch onto.

There’s also that soft-bodied tick. The highly dangerous tick could transmit tick-borne relapsing fever and also bacteria. Although they are different from hard-bodied ticks are equally dangerous.

How Do Ticks Get Onto Your Property?

If you do not want to experience an issue with ticks it is important to know the behavior of ticks. Contrary to the other bugs in Pittsburgh the ticks don’t depend solely on legs in order to get places. While they are able to walk ticks prefer to travel by hitchhike. They get in the skin their person they are feeding. When they’re full, ticks disappear and they wait for a new host to arrive.

If you notice an infestation of ticks around your home, the most likely were brought in by another animal. Pets could bring ticks to your property or even bring them into your house. In the natural world, it is possible to see ticks in the tall grass or in thick vegetation.

Keeping Ticks Away

There are a few methods to reduce the appeal of your property to ticks. The most important thing to do is to make your home less attractive to other wildlife creatures. By keeping rodents, squirrels and other rodents away, you’ll be able to safeguard your property.

This is a way of maintaining your lawn. The tall grass, the unkempt plants and piles of trash can attract bugs. If you decide to do the work by yourself or employ a professional to manage it, keeping your yard clean is vital. Follow a schedule and make sure your yard doesn’t get too big.

Use Tick Control Products On Your Pets

In the event that you own pets, you should consider the use of a tick-control product. The best method to accomplish this is to talk with your vet. Although you can purchase products to control ticks online however, they’re usually not reliable or safe. A veterinarian can provide more about the options available and point you to the correct direction.

Check Yourself For Ticks

If you’re going on an excursion, you may carry a tick home on your back. Even if it’s not present in your skin, it might be found on your clothing. In the end, it could be able to use you or anyone within your home to become their new host.

After spending time outdoors be sure to check for ticks. Take off your clothes and look for any hitchhikers prior to heading to the inside.

Call In The Experts

If you’re on your own you’re only able to do just enough to stop ticks from coming from your home. The majority of DIY methods for tick control don’t offer 100% guaranteed solutions which puts your family at risk. The most secure and safest method to control ticks is to depend on professionals in pest management. At Pittsburgh Pest Control, you can count on us to provide assistance or advice. Contact us today to learn more about us.

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