Termites are a significant issue for Pittsburgh homeowners in particular in the event that the infestation is allowed to develop in large numbers. Understanding the behavior of termites and contacting a professional for assistance is vital to deal with this issue.

Understanding Termites and Their Risks

Termites are small dark, tan or light brown colored insect that typically remains undetected in your home or in the wild. Although these pests can cause havoc in your home, they can be beneficial for the environment. Termites are a decomposer that break down plant fibers within the soil, allowing new trees to develop and improve the soil in its quality. Certain regions of the world like Africa, Asia, and South America even regard termites as delicacy.

For property owners in Pittsburgh termites are very dangerous. Termite activity may be, unfortunately, without being noticed for a while before the structural damage starts to manifest and then, the infestation can be in full control. This is the reason periodic inspections of homes conducted by experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control are crucial to stop a problem from its areas of concern.

To determine if you’re suffering from termite problems, look at some of the indicators of an infestation in the following. Be aware that you’ll likely see damages to your house prior to realizing that you have a termites.

  • Hollow wood – scratch on the wall and floors to check whether the wood sounds hollow or not. Termites typically dig tunnels into the wood’s grain and leave the structure hollow and damaging its structure.
  • A swollen area on the floor or on walls.
  • Splits or cracks in wooden areas of your house.
  • Tubes and mud-filled structures that are located in the areas that are hard to your foundation. They are typically found within the areas where termites use to get into your home.
  • Pellets visible or droppings Certain species of termites create small wooden pellets while they tunnel. It is also possible to find termite droppings that appear quite similar to sawdust or coffee grounds.
  • The termite body or wings the discovery of dead bodies of termites or wing pieces in your home is usually the sign of a major termite problem.
  • Hearing sounds in walls can be difficult to hear for certain people however, it is possible to to hear the sound of termites tunneling through your walls. The sound will be similar to an ear-piercing or gnawing sound.

Although you might think that eliminating termite infestations yourself is a great idea, it’s probably not the best choice. DIY (DIY) termite elimination could overlook major areas of hiding which could allow the infestation to return. It can also be extremely difficult to be bug-bomb your home. Additionally, some commercially available pest repellents aren’t as effective against termites. Essential oils designed to protect against these pests might not be enough strong to tackle the source of the issue.

Efficient Termite Removal

The most effective way to deal with an infestation of termites is to seek the assistance of a professional. Get in touch with the experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control immediately upon the first sign of a termite issue or request an appointment to inspect your house. The experts will assess the severity of the termite problem and provide simple, efficient termite removal and protection in order to avoid serious damage caused by termites, and providing peace of mind.

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