Wasps are a pity reality of our lives. They appear to pop into the worst of moments and it’s no wonder that they’re a bit frightening. If they swarm down your backyard picnic area, or build nests on the decks of your outdoor spaces They add an element of stress to any event. This isn’t a random anxiety that’s hard to describe. The scary truth is, If you were aware of how hazardous the wasps of Pittsburgh could be and how dangerous they can be, you’d pay greater attention to most effective methods to keep them out the property.

A Unique Pest: A Unique Danger

Although everyone is aware that wasps aren’t welcome participants at outdoor celebration They don’t realize the diversity of species and the dangers they pose. When people think of wasps, they usually think of paper wasps. But, wasp is an umbrella term that covers papers wasps, hornets and yellow jackets, too. Paper wasps and hornets build their nests in high places , such as trees and the deck’s ceilings Yellow jackets, on the other hand, prefer to build their nests in the ground.

Although the wasps of this world are different, they have some peculiar characteristics that they share. What distinguishes wasps from a normal bumblebee is their capacity to sting many times, without causing any harm to the wasps. They are also more aggressive than bees, increasing the risk. Wasps send distress signals to the other wasps whenever their nests are disturbed, which exposes the person who disturbed the nest to multiple bites by several wasps. The stings are painful and could quickly cause adverse health consequences in a variety of instances, from shortness in breath to death from anaphylactic shock.

Proper Prevention Strategies

Because these pests are extremely dangerous, prevention has to be the top priority. However, this is simpler said than done. What draws them to your home initially? Wasps are attracted by all sources of sugar. If you’re enjoying a picnic on the deck and look away from the soda bottle that’s open it’s possible that a wasp will get in without watching. Your next drink isn’t going to be enjoyable. While it’s a rare incident, it’s still frightening to imagine.

Sugar sources that will attract wasps to your home include the fruit trees and hummingbird feeders. To prevent wasps, you should focus in the following steps:

  • Be aware of the food sources that could be on your property From pet food to feeders for hummingbirds.
  • If you wish to keep your windows or doors open, ensure they are secured by screens to block entry by wasps.
  • Make sure that all your trash is protected with lids made of heavy material to prevent accessibility to sources of food.
  • Get rid of any wasp nests that may be within the property as quickly as is possible (always with the assistance of a licensed pest expert).
  • Fill holes in the ground to decrease nesting sites for yellow jackets.

If you’re trying to avoid wasps from entering your property, be aware that they spend the bulk times pollinating the plants. Spearmint plants, which are among the most popular plants found that are found on Pittsburgh estates, can be extremely appealing to wasps. Wormwood, however is a source of toxins that keep them away. Reduce the usage of spearmint plants and increasing the amount of wormwood that is on your property could be a great recipe to prevent wasps.

Unfortunately, homeowners can take every step to keep wasps out, but end up with a home with a nest. In the end, at all times, there’s no alternative to the services of a professional pest control company. If you need more help with wasp prevention or to ensure the secure removal of a nest that is active call the experts for assistance at Pittsburgh Pest Control today.

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