If you spot termites in within your Pittsburgh property If you find termites in your property, you’re likely to not be happy. They are notoriously destructive and, because of this, termites can cause you to pay thousands of dollars for repairs.

Pittsburgh Property Owners Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control

Although termites can be hazardous to be around your property or workplace but they also have a role in the natural world. They play a vital environmental role as they assist in breaking down dead trees and reuse the material back to the cycle. While they’re specifically designed to perform this function however, their ability to do this can be very problematic once termites are introduced to a property.

Termites are known to eat floors, wooden beams furniture, floors, and even furniture They can also be one of the toughest insects to spot, particularly when they first appear.

What Do Termites Look Like?

There are other indicators of activity from termites that you are most likely to observe at first however knowing how they appear is still useful. The termites appear different according to their position in the caste system that is their nests.

Termite swarms are responsible for reproducing, which is why they are equipped with wings that allow them to fly away from their nest. They’re dark black to brown and appear very similar to flying ants.

The termite soldiers and termite workers On the other hand aren’t equipped with wings. They also have a whitish or cream color , as in contrast to black or brown.

Signs Of Termite Activity In Pittsburgh

Termites can infest the inside of wooden structures and you may have them all over your property for months without even realizing. Due to this, the most efficient and simple way to stop termite damage is to spot the insects early. The most effective way to accomplish this is to conduct regular inspections.

There are certain indicators of termites that to look out for, for example:

  • Squeaking or the floorboards buckling
  • Doors and windows are now fitting tightly into their frames
  • Wood that makes a hollow sound when it’s tapped
  • Finding holes that are precise in drywall or in wood
  • Noticed piles of what appear as finely ground pellets, near walls and baseboards. They are termite droppings referred to as frass.
  • The sight of what appears to be water damage to walls but unable to locate an origin of the water to cause the damaged

If you’re seeing the signs of termites on your Pittsburgh home, there’s no time to delay.

Should You Use DIY Methods To Remove Termites?

Although you may be inclined to get rid of termites yourself however, it’s not a wise decision. Many believe that DIY termite elimination is cheaper and more efficient, however research suggests otherwise. Because termites can be extremely invasive and difficult to eliminate who don’t have the appropriate training or equipment to completely eliminate the infestation.

Although you may be able to eliminate some termites by using products available that you can purchase from large box stores, such as termite traps it’s highly unlikely that you can remove them all. This means you’ll have to purchase more products and spend even more time fighting the pests over and over and again. It’s possible that you’ll waste your valuable money and time while experiencing termites.

How Can You Remove Termites?

While termites might seem to be an unsolvable problem for pests but there’s a solution. Experts from Pittsburgh Pest Control are waiting to assist you. we offer quick and efficient termite removal services for your home or office.

The best thing you can do when you spot signs of an infestation of termites to make Contact with our team. The faster the termite infestation is dealt with it’s less of a mess you’ll have to deal with. Contact us today for an estimate or schedule an appointment for your inspection.

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