A ant problem might not be a huge issue, but it’s actually much more severe than you imagine particularly in the case of a species that is dangerous to live with in and close to the area of your house. home. Pennsylvania hosts many different kinds of ants including the most dangerous, such as Carpenter ants. Carpenter ants aren’t very harmful for your wellbeing. However, they can cause with a lot of harm to your home or your property in a relatively short period of time, damaging the structural integrity of your home and costing thousands of dollars in repairs.

How To Identify Carpenter Ants In Pittsburgh

This species can be difficult to recognize in terms of color, as they could be brown, black red, or any combination of these three However, one of the most effective methods of identifying their size is to determine. Carpenter ants are the most invasive insect in Pittsburgh and their workers vary from 1/4 to 3/4 inches in size. Finding an infestation is difficult the carpenter ant colonies are extremely similar to termite-related infestations.

There are plenty of similarities between the two for instance, pinholes on wood furniture and walls and tiny piles of frass scattered around the house, hollow sounding wooden floors, random patterned galleries and dry wood that is crumbling and clicking noises from inside the walls. The good news is that these problems aren’t identical and it is possible to distinguish between them:

  • It’s uncommon to see termites outside their tunnels, but ants never consume the wood they live in therefore if you spot the insects foraging, you’re most likely seeing carpenter ants.
  • Carpenter ants and termites appear like a different species – when the insect is larger than 1/8 inch, has antennae that are elbowed and clearly defined waists, then it’s not carpenter ants.
  • Worker termites also have a cream color and carpenter ants mostly black and brown
  • The termite galleries are a lot rougher, whereas carpenter Ants have their tunnels smoother.
  • Two sets of reproductive termites possess wings that are uniform with waists that aren’t defined. carpenter Ants have two sets of Asymmetrical wings with defined waists and waists

Why Carpenter Ant Infestations Are Bad For Your Pittsburgh Home, And How To Keep Them Out

Each ant is capable to contaminate food sources and surfaces in homes when they invade However, that’s not the reason they are hazardous. Carpenter ants are the most serious threat they can pose to your Pittsburgh family are structural damages. The species is found in decaying and dead wood, and the resulting tunnels and galleries put an enormous strain on the structural integrity of the frame. The prevention methods will not eliminate any existing infestations, but they will decrease the likelihood of future outbreak:

  • Take care of any issues with moisture within your home: damaged shingles, leaky pipes or extensive water damage rooms that are able to hold moisture.
  • Repair any cracks or holes in the outside of your house Broken siding, cracked foundations gaps between wires and pipes loose boards on the trim and on the roof exposed wood that has not been treated
  • Repair damaged insulation around doors or windows.
  • Reduce the accessibility of food items by keeping them in airtight container
  • Mop, sweep, and vacuum frequently.
  • Cleanse counters, tables for dining, and areas for food preparation daily.
  • Clean up any food or spills of drinks immediately after they occur.
  • Secure lids to all outdoor and indoor trash cans
  • Take away any debris that may be on your lawn and maintain the gutters cleaned regularly
  • Cut hedges, garden plants and tree limbs from the outside of your house

How To Handle A Carpenter Ant Infestation In Your Pittsburgh Home

Carpenter ants are a risky pest that are not something to be tackled on their own. If you’re dealing with an infestation within or around your Pittsburgh home, Pittsburgh Pest Control is available to assist. We offer affordable and efficient environmentally friendly pest control services that are hard to pests but are suitable for pets and children Each solution comes with our 100% pest-free assurance. We’re here to assist you and assist you, so get in touch with us right now to request an estimate for your free.

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