Carpet beetles are infamous for damaging carpets as well as other fibrous things within Pittsburgh, PA. Yet, very few people know how to deal with the harmful and annoying larvae. There’s plenty to be aware of about the harmful larvae as well as ways to prevent them from coming into your home.

What Are Carpet Beetle Larvae?

As you’d think, carpet beetles are a kind of beetle. They’re oval in shape with six legs as well as two antennae. When they’re in rest the wings of the beetle are hidden beneath its shell. The colors and patterns of beetles differs based on species, however they could range between black and white.

While the beetles can be ugly but they’re just nuisance. They’re not the ones who put your carpet at risk. Contrary to what you might think it’s the larvae of carpet beetles which cause harm. From the distance, they appear to be fuzzy worms. They generally have hair-like protrusions. However, the larvae of the black carpet beetle do not have hair-like appendages.

It’s important to mention that It’s worth noting thatcarpet beetle larvae are tiny creatures. While they’re not as tiny as beetles , carpet beetle larvae could be a part of your rug. You can spot them by looking with your naked eyes However, you should be on guard. They’re excellent at hiding and natural fiber carpets are lux enough to create carpet beetles dangerous to be aware of.

What Are The Signs Of Carpet Beetles In Pittsburgh, PA?

If you spot any of these within the interior of your Pittsburgh home, it is possible that you have a carpet beetle issue :

  • Bare Areas on The Carpets: When carpet beetle larvae consume food their way through your carpet, they can cause significant damage to your carpet. You may notice small or uninvolved areas on your rug or other wool fabrics.
  • Damage to Clothes And Clothes and Blankets When you take an older coat or blanket out of the closet you might notice holes or other odd damage. It is possible that the carpet beetle larvae caused the damage. This is particularly likely when the clothing is stained.
  • hair falling out of Your Furs If you own pet heads or furs at your house, the carpet beetles are likely to be drawn to them. When they feed on these objects, they consume off the bases on the hairs. The hair ends up falling out , but the hide remaining intact.
  • shed skin: Carpet beetle larvae multiply and shed their skins, they shed. Skins that are lighter brown usually occur near food sources. If you turn up your rug or go through the pockets of your clothes there could be evidence of larvae of the carpet beetle.
  • strange rashes There are times when the hairs of carpet beetle larvae could cause the appearance of rashes. There are a myriad of causes of rashes, one must always be aware that you are suffering from an infestation of carpet beetles.

How To Keep Carpet Beetles Away

To stop carpet beetles from invading your home you should take any of the steps to prevent them:

  • Protect Your Home: The more openings there are in your house the more likely it that carpet beetles will enter inside. By sealing off any potential entry points and openings, your home is safe from pests. Be sure to look for holes between windows and doors and gaps in the screens.
  • Examine Furniture and Clothing Before Bringing them Home:Often, people bring carpet beetle larvae to their homes when they buy used furniture or clothes. Before bringing something to your home, make sure you check to see if there are carpet bugs.

Work With An Expert

By yourself chances are you won’t be able to stop carpet beetles. If you collaborate in partnership with Pittsburgh Pest Control, you stand a better chance of being successful. Our specialists are able to stop and eradicate carpet beetles as well as their larvae using green products. For more information about our services and to get a no-cost estimate, contact us by phone at Pittsburgh Pest Control.

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