Pests caused by bed bugs are much more prevalent than you might imagine, and this problem bug can be difficult to eradicate when it has made its it’s home on your Pittsburgh home. It is good to know that you can follow some tips for prevention to prevent bed bugs from destroying your home.

Understanding Bed Bug Infestations

Bedding bug infestations are often associated with the perception that a home is filthy, but this is a widespread myth. Infestations caused by bed bug can affect anybody, and they’re not attracted by places of dirt or overcrowded homes. In general, they search for an area in which they can have a safe place to hide in the daytime and return in the evening to feed. Their preferred places to hide in are sheets, mattresses as well as blankets (hence the name of bed bugs) however they could also be discovered in chairs, sofas and suitcases. They can also be found in clothing, luggage and even in crevices on floors or walls.

Bed bug infestations generally begin by one of two ways either through travel or buying second-hand appliances and furniture. When you travel, you are likely to stay in areas where a lot of people have been through, increasing the chance of finding bed bugs hiding in the bushes and eager to hop in suitcases or on clothing to move to a different area. If you have furniture that is second hand or devices, bugs may be easily snuck into crevices or cracks, only to be transported to your house, where they will have a place to shop.

If you discover you have bed bugs, you’ll need to call the experts with Pittsburgh Pest Control immediately The sooner an infestation is squelched the faster you will be back in a safe and secure environment.

Preventing the Spread of Bed Bugs

Although sometimes, getting bed bugs impossible due to their tiny size and adept hiding abilities However, there are a few prevention strategies you can employ to minimize the chances of getting them:

  • In hotels, put your luggage on the rack for luggage or any other area that is elevated. This will make it more difficult the bed bug to get into and hide inside it.
  • Examine the seams and corners of sheets and mattresses prior to staying in a hotel bed since bed bugs are attracted to these places. Also, keep an eye out for reddish-brown or rust-colored spots on the sheets.
  • When you return from your trip After returning from your trip, put all of your clothes in the dryer as soon as you can. The warmth will kill any bed bugs that may be crawling around.
  • If possible, place appliances and furniture that are second hand on a white sheet prior to moving them in your house. This will help determine the bed bugs that disappear from the sheet.
  • Look over second-hand appliances and furniture using the aid of a flashlight. Use the flashlight to illuminate the corners, cracks or crevices for indications of bed bugs.
  • Hands that are gloved over seams and cracks or concealed places of appliances or furniture. Examine your glove for stained area that is reddish-brown or rusty that could be a serious indication of bed bugs.

Professional Bed Bug Removal

Prevention of bed bugs could be effective in preventing the pests, but there isn’t 100% guarantee. If you do find insects in the bed of your house Contact the experts with Green Pest Control. Pest Control. Since the beginning of time we’ve offered personalized solutions using eco-friendly materials that provide safety for kids as well as pets. Contact us today to receive the professional bed bug removal you require.

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