Rats are among the most threatening pests you’ll be a victim of within your home. Effectively controlling rat infestations is a crucial step to keeping this pest out of your home for long-term benefits.

The Problem With Rats

Rats have been living with humans for centuries and many species have formed an intimate relationship with people living close to them. The nocturnal pest rats are found in the evenings, searching for garbage in garbage bins. In the daytime they can be seen in underground burrows , where they rest.

There are many different kinds of rats within the Suprise area that you might find on your property:

  • Norway Rat: Also known as sewer or brown rats. Norway rats can be between 13 and 16 inches in length. They are grey on the underside, with a reddish-brown or black coat over their bodies. They can be located in urban areas that have ample access to human waste and prefer to reside in underground burrows or the basements of houses.
  • Roof Rat: Roof Rats are also known as black rats. They are smaller than Norway Rat. Their undersides will be grayish-white while their remainder of their coat is uniformly dark. This kind of rat is known as a climber and likes living in attics, walls or in cabinets. They are often found in your house to search for insects to feed.

If your home is plagued by rats, they could bring along a number of grave issues. Particularly, the danger for illness is that rats are carriers of hantavirus, typhus as well as lymphocytic choriomeningitis and leptospirosis, in addition to other diseases. They can cause destruction to homes by chewing on furniture and other internal structures, leaving the marks of claws and droppings. Feces, urine and urine from rats can be also a source of infection and can be a source of contamination for your food sources when they’re left in the wake of a night of collecting.

Pittsburgh Rat Prevention Tips

To stop rats from entering your home, here are some prevention strategies to follow:

  • Be sure to seal any gaps or cracks around windows, doors and the foundation of your home. Rats can enter through holes in the size of the size of a dime, so make certain to take your time and completely seal all entrance points.
  • Rats can chew through any material including drywall, wood brick, cinder block, brick and sheetrock. Make sure your home is rat-proofed by strengthening your home’s foundation and entry points with rat-proof materials like rock, concrete or hard metals.
  • Make sure that all pet food and garbage both inside and outside your house properly placed in a safe place. Unsealed trash cans and open food containers are likely to attract rats to your home while they hunt for food.
  • Make sure your yard is clean and ensure that your grass is cut low and all debris is removed. This will stop rats from getting into your home. It may also be beneficial to trim trees with overhangs to stop rats jumping off branches and landing on the roof.
  • Adopt a pet – even though cat ownership might not be suitable for everyone but the smell of a cat could keep rats away from your home.

Professional Rat Removal

While prevention strategies can lower the risk of getting rat-infested the most effective and safest method to deal with a recurring pest problem is to call the experts with Pittsburgh Pest Control for expert rats removal using secure products and methods.

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