Are you referring to a cricket or grasshopper? A lot of people confuse between the two, but the distinction is evident. The grasshoppers are larger in every way , with the exception of one aspect, the antenna. The antennas of crickets are bigger. Of course, crickets do wear clothing and appear in Disney films It should not be difficult to understand.

The Cricket Serenade

It’s 2 am when Jiminy Cricket starts regaling you with his hit song “When You Wish Upon a Star” in that exact moment. your desires aren’t being realized. Ugh! What do you do? You must make a call to Pittsburgh Pest Control. It’s not 2 AM, but after the next few hours. House crickets of all kinds are a fascinating tiny bug. Males are the only one to’sing’. It is a signal to mat which is made by the front wings of their bodies between their wing. Another method to identify crickets are:

  • A light yellowish-brown color, that has 3 stripes around their heads.
  • 3/4 – 7/8 inches long.
  • Are antennas with threads, typically longer than their bodies.
  • Six legs.
  • Nymphs (youth) have the same appearance with wings, however they lack the wings.

The Problems That Come Along With Crickets

In addition to the annoying singing (no offense to Jiminy) There are other ways that crickets can cause trouble. While they aren’t an health threat for pets or humans however, they can damage your property. They are fond of eating your fabrics. Their favorite fabrics are cotton, wool, synthetics, and silk. Like a moth, or carpet beetle. They will create holes in your upholstery or wool coat. They can also ruin the bindings of your books and wallpaper due to their attraction to the starch that is in the glue.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Crickets

The most efficient and most efficient method to get rid of the crickets in your Pittsburgh property is to contact the pest control firm. Pittsburgh Pest Control will gladly inform Jiminy that he must be gone. We offer free home estimates to help us decide the best plan to meet your requirements. With more than thirty years experience We know that we can assist. The initial visit to our service center is designed to disrupt the life cycle of pests that are in your house from egg larvae to adult. The service also comprises HotSpot treatments for areas with high traffic pest zones. We realize that every person is operating with different schedules and has different requirements. We are flexible and are willing to collaborate with your schedule.

How To Prevent Crickets From Getting Into Your Pittsburgh Home

Crickets love warm , humid air, which is why for the greater of the time, you’ll see crickets in basements and similarly damp places. They are able to stay in your home if they want to, but generally they can find plenty of food in the outdoors during the summertime. When it gets cold, they will seek out shelter to warm themselves. You can help to keep crickets out of your home by

  • Switch the lighting in your outdoor area into yellow-colored bug light. They are incredibly attracted by regular lighting, and sometimes in the thousands.
  • Keep lawns mowed regularly.
  • Take away all the debris in the vicinity of the home.
  • Vacuum carpets, as well as around baseboards, in order to soak eggs.
  • Fill in any holes or cracks in your walls’ exterior or the foundation.
  • Get adequate air circulation in attics, crawl spaces and basements.
  • Use a dehumidifier.

The majority of the tasks that are listed here are easy to complete and can be completed in a single day. It’s not guaranteed that it will stop your cricket issue but it can help reduce it. One way to get rid of the issue is to seek expert assistance. Contact us today to find out more about our prevention and control of cricket services.

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