The power of knowledge is. This is a statement that’s difficult to dispute. For mosquitoes, though, knowing can keep you protected. There are many myths regarding mosquitoes. However, Pittsburgh people who know that mosquitoes are dangerous be ahead in staying healthy while enjoying outdoor activities at their homes and in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

Mosquitoes & Dangerous Disease: What Everyone In Pittsburgh Ought To Know

Mosquitoes: Deadliest Insects On The Planet?

These pesky, tiny flyers can be the most unpleasant aspects of an outdoor excursion in Pittsburgh however, they’re actually far more hazardous than the ones you’re accustomed to. While it’s annoying to have mosquitoes ruining your barbecue or picnic but they’re actually quite risky as well.

Only female mosquitoes sucking blood from their prey as food. This is true for all warm-blooded animals including livestock. If the person who has suffered an insect bite is suffering from any type of disease or parasite, it could transmit the disease or parasite to the next person it bites. For added complication female mosquitoes can actually numb the skin so that it isn’t possible to feel the tube that is inserted into the circulation (allowing them to continue feeding). If they keep feeding the more likely you will be to contract an illness. That’s the reason one in 300 mosquito bites may transmit dangerous diseases which is why mosquitoes kill more than 2.5 million people across the globe each year.

Within the United States, malaria (one of the most frequently transmitted mosquito-borne diseases) is not usually death-threatening due to the standard of our healthcare. But, some mosquitoes within the United States that are currently being investigated are exhibiting signs of transmitting other illnesses in alarming numbers. This includes Chikungunya Zika virus Dengue, West Nile virus, yellow fever and many others, that can be fatal for both children and adults.

Prevention On And Off Your Property

While the dangers of mosquitoes are real however, there are steps you can take to stay clear of them both inside and outside of your property. While you’re out and around or taking a trip outdoors or relaxing in your own backyard, be aware of what attracts mosquitoes most to keep them out. Here are some suggestions on how to avoid mosquitoes that may aid:

  • Mosquitoes are most active between dawn and dusk, which is why it is recommended to avoid the time of day when you are outdoors.
  • They are particularly attracted by pregnant women and those with blood type O.
  • The flying insects will typically attack people who wear darker colors more often than those who wear light shades.
  • Refraining from using heavily fragranced shampoos or perfumes can help reduce the mosquito’s attraction to you.

These tips can assist you in keeping mosquitoes off the property you live on, it is desire to create an insect-free zone. You should be able to wear dark clothes, engage in activities in the early morning or at dusk or have a baby within your own backyard, without putting yourself at risk. If you’re trying to keep mosquitoes out of your yard it is best to start by limiting the amount of standing water they reproduce in. It is important to flush the water from things such as:

  • Flowerpots
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Buckets
  • Lawn ornaments

If they do breed one time, the eggs may persist even after the water has been disposed. So, eliminating the water isn’t enough. One way to end the cycle of breeding can be to clean the water using expert solutions. If you’re looking to be protected from the most deadly insects in the world take the right decision. For the best method to control mosquitoes, get in touch with the professionals with Pittsburgh Pest Control. We offer all-season pest control or can treat your home one-time in advance of an outdoor event.

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