Do you know about the cockroach, also known in the United States as an American cockroach? Are you able to identify it from a roach line-up? It’s fairly easy. It’s the one with red blue, white and red hue. Just kidding. It’s actually a reddish-brown color , with yellow on the head’s back. The wings of the bird are placed on the back of its head and rest above its stomach. The most striking feature is its huge size. The American Cockroach is by far the largest species of cockroach that you can find inside the Pittsburgh home. However, its size doesn’t restrict this species. It can get through spaces that are larger that its body. How do they accomplish this feat of genius? A cockroach’s physique American Cockroach is robust and flexible, making it ideal for squeezed into narrow areas. and squeeze in tight places is precisely what this roach is able to do. That’s where we’re going to start our discussion today. This is what you must be aware of to make sure you keep American Cockroaches away from Your Pittsburgh home.

Tight Spaces

American cockroaches don’t know what’s inside your home. They don’t think, “Oooh. A human dwelling. I bet that has food in it!” They get in by accident. As they explore the outside of your home and crawl on your foundation walls, they’re going to explore every tight space they find because they’re drawn to tight spaces. They like to be squeezed between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. The first step in keeping cockroaches out is to eliminate those inviting entry points.

  • Examine the frames of windows and doors. If you notice any gaps at all around the outside, make use of caulking guns to seal the frames tightly. If you spot a gap in the wood caused by a wood-destroying pest then fill the hole.
  • Examine the weatherstripping. If you notice sunlight escaping the weatherstripping on the outside, they could likely use the gap to enter your home. Change the stripping and fix your doors to ensure you’ve got a tight seal.
  • Make sure you have screens installed on your windows and doors. While a cockroach wouldn’t be able get through the glass in the interior or a frame that isn’t damaged however, a gap in a window screen may allow it access to the gap between your screen and glass. If you then go to open the windows or doors it will be able to come into. Repair any tiny cracks in screens in order to prevent American insects out.
  • Examine frames of screen. Sometimes, a cockroach may be able to pass right through a perfect screen if there’s an opening between screen frame and frame of the window.
  • Inspect any pipes that are able to enter into your house through the foundation wall. If you notice an opening in the wall make sure you fill it in and seal it.

Alter Conditions Around Your Home

Because cockroaches enter homes through accidents, the best method to stop them from entering is to limit the number of cockroaches that are in the vicinity of your house. Here’s how to reduce the appeal of your outdoor space to American Cockroaches.

Reduce the amount of moisture It is believed that the American cockroach requires plenty of water to stay healthy. When it walks into your yard and sees a dry foundation area around your house it may move to another area. The factors that could make your foundation damp include obstructions to your drains, damaged sprinklers excessively watered landscaping, dense plants and a dense trees.

Affix standing water If you have puddles or pots of rainwater that surround your home and around your property, they can give rats a drink and will increase the humidity and water content around your house. There are many things that can gather rainwater, including frisbees that have been turned upside down, a child’s pool, or even old tires. Get rid of objects that collect water.

Clean your trash bins The smell of organic matter that is rotting will attract cockroaches from afar. If your trash receptacles outside are smelling, clean them to get rid of the smell.

Eliminate hiding spots Roaches can hide in and under objects that you have in your yard. If you eliminate objects in your yard, you will decrease the activity of roaches.

Rake sticks, leaves and other organic debris from your outdoor This is one of the best places for cockroaches to nest.

Routine Treatments

The most effective way to eliminate American Cockroaches, as well as numerous other pests that can be harmful, is to apply regular treatments applied to your outdoor. We can assist. If you are near Pittsburgh, PA, reach for Pittsburgh Pest Control today to inquire about our pest control for residential services. We will assist you in getting rid of cockroaches and the most important thing is to keep on top of the problem of cockroaches.

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